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Samsung TU700D

Samsung TU700D 4K UHD Smart TV

Featuring HDR picture quality and Crystal Display, the Samsung 70″ TU700D 4K UHD Smart TV delivers stunning details at four times the resolution of Full HD. This high-definition television has a smart guide for ease of use, delivering vivid color and sharp contrast. And because it’s a Smart TV, it comes with smart features like a webcam, a smart switch, and a USB port.


The Samsung TU7000D is the company’s first 4K QLED phone. The TU7000D’s processor, the Crystal Processor 4K, is a good choice for upscaling images from low resolutions to 4K. The images processed using this processor look good, with no major scaling artifacts. Unlike the QLED phone, the TU7000D does not have AI capabilities. Here’s how it compares to the TU8000D.

TU7000D is a 2020 model with Dual LED backlighting system. This technology is typically found in 4K QLED and high-end Crystal UHD TVs. The TU7000D uses Edge LED backlighting, which offers better light control and accuracy. However, it lacks AI image processing and AI audio features. However, it does offer the same high-definition picture quality as its competition. Samsung also has an Edge LED system, which is not as expensive as the previous two models.

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Samsung TU7000D supports Dolby Audio and DTS:X, which is supported by most other HDMI displays. Although it doesn’t support HDR, the TU7000 supports eARC technology, which reduces input lag. It also supports the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii U, and is compatible with those systems as well. The TU7000D doesn’t support Dolby Vision, but it can still be useful for non-HDR games. It can also work with a retro system and has an HDMI 2.1 port.

The TU7000D’s features include the ability to watch Netflix, Spotify, and Hulu. It also features a built-in microphone for voice control. It has two HDMI ports, and supports a wide range of streaming services. Although it’s a bit on the pricey side, the TU7000D is well-equipped with the features that users will need in an HDTV. You’ll need a compatible cable or antenna for proper functionality.

The TV 50 TU7002U can output 240 nits of brightness when watching SDR content under 10% window. Although SDR brightness requirements are not particularly high, it will have issues in high-contrast indoor lighting. However, it can deliver a better picture in low light. In addition, the TU7002U’s maximum brightness is 260 nits, which is also a bit low for HDR standard. Low brightness has a negative impact on the overall HDR image quality. Nonetheless, the TV meets manufacturer’s claim, but it is not a great HDR TV compared to the TU8000 series.

Samsung’s TU7000D is a decent choice for people on a budget. It’s not as bright as some other TVs, but you get what you pay for. The TU7000D’s 4K resolution means it’s a bit more than average in terms of brightness, but you can watch HDR and SDR content. The screen’s color coverage is also average. As far as connectivity is concerned, it only has two HDMI ports, which means it’s not a great option for a home theater.

Unlike its predecessors, the TU7000D has a bezel-less three-sided design, ensuring that the TV is only 2.3 inches away from the wall. It’s tiltable up to 10 degrees and can support weights of up to 125 pounds. The TV mount comes with all of the tools necessary for mounting the TV. Using a VESA wall mount can be a great option for a Samsung TU7000.

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The TU7000D’s contrast ratio is good. A VA panel tends to have good contrast ratios. The TU7000D delivers deep blacks in low-lit rooms. It’s not a particularly bright TV, so it’s best used in a dark room with dim lighting. However, it is not designed for HDR content. Therefore, it’s a good choice for people on a budget.

As a gaming television, the TU7000D delivers great image quality and excellent contrast. Its space-saving design makes it easy to move between gaming and normal viewing. This TV also provides a high-resolution 4K picture in an ultra-slim package. It’s also great for video chat, but doesn’t offer any built-in speakers. You’ll appreciate the low input lag and solid color quality.

The Samsung TU7000D comes with a one-piece wall plate, bubble level, and cable ties. You can install it on a brick, concrete, or wooden stud with a 16 to 24-inch spacing. The TV has a tilt-down design that prevents distracting screen glares. The PU7000D also has VESA wall mount holes. It has special grooves for cable management.

The TU7000D has a simple OS and lots of pre-installed streaming services. You can download more streaming services and applications from the built-in app store. However, the TV’s interface has a lot of pesky ads. We give it an eight-out-of-ten rating. Although it’s not the best TV out there, the TU7000D is still a solid choice for entertainment and personal use.

The SAMSUNG CRR Service does not require you to disclose any content that you submit. It is not harmful to you or anyone else, nor does it contain any computer programs. The TU7000D will not impose any monetary or other penalty on you unless you breach the terms of service. So, if you have any questions or concerns about the TU7000D, don’t hesitate to contact Samsung’s customer support representatives.

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