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Julia Rehwald

Interesting Facts About Actress Julia Rehwald

Having appeared in several movies, TV shows, and short films, Actress Julia Rehwald has earned a name for herself. She is perhaps best known for the 1994 Netflix video Fear Street Part One. Her sister, Joanna Rehwald, is also an actress and attended the Black Lives Matter event in Berkeley, California in June 2020. In addition to being an actress, Rehwald is also an entrepreneur and a social media influencer.


Julia Rehwald is an American actress who has been in several films. Her most notable work is her role as Kate in the movie Fear Street, which was released in 1994. She has also acted in short films, such as Mukbang Masarap (2019) and Where’s Darren? (2017). Rehwald is a strong supporter of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Her Twitter account has over 50,000 followers, and she is active on the social networking site Twitter.

She is a BBA graduate, with a career in digital marketing. She is single and is active in the Black Lives Matter movement, attending a recent Cesar Chavez Park rally. Julia Rehwald made her professional acting debut in Where’s Darren? in 2017, and she was recently in the short film Mukbang Masarap. The actress plans to further her career in acting. In the meantime, she is currently pursuing her PhD in philosophy at the University of California-Davis.

In addition to her acting career, Julia Rehwald also maintains a vibrant social life. She is active on Twitter and Instagram, and regularly posts pictures of herself and her friends and family. Her fans can follow her on these platforms to stay updated on her latest projects. If you are looking for information on Julia Rehwald’s personal life, read on! We hope you enjoyed this article about Julia Rehwald! Make sure to follow Julia Rehwald on Twitter and Instagram!

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Born in 2001, Julia Rehwald is an American model and actress. She has an estimated net worth of $1-2 million USD. She studied in California and currently lives in New York. She has two siblings: a brother and a sister. Her parents met while she was still a child. Julia has not yet dated anyone but is known to be single. The model and actress is not involved in rumors or scandals.

The American actress, model, and activist Julia Rehwald was born on May 31, 2001 in San Francisco. She grew up in a Christian home and attended St Francis High School. She then started to focus on her acting career and eventually, she is well-known in the industry today. Her father was a prominent figure in the African American community, and his family is supportive of her success. After receiving her high school diploma, Rehwald focused on pursuing a career in acting.

Julia Rehwald’s net worth is estimated to be $500000. She began acting in 2017 with the short film Where Dareen, where she played the role of Isabel. Later, she went on to star in the Netflix series Fear Street, where she starred in three different roles, including the lead role, Kate Schmidt. The model and actress has a number of endorsement deals and has been recognized by many media outlets. And she’s always up for a challenge.

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Social media influencer

Julia Rehwald is a social media figure who posts inspirational captions and video reels. She was born and raised in the United States, where she studied and is currently completing her graduation studies. Despite her young age, Julia is already an accomplished social media influencer with over 470 thousand Instagram followers. Read on to learn more about her life, career, and other information. Here are some interesting facts about her:

Julia Rehwald is an active social media influencer and is known for being very active on Instagram. She shares pictures of her work, travels, and family. She regularly updates her followers with interesting pictures. Rehwald is an example of a successful social media influencer because she has a huge following on Instagram and is actively participating in various campaigns. Julia Rehwald is a true inspiration to millions of people.

In her Instagram bio, she shows the US and Philippine flags, which suggests that she is part-Filipina. Her Instagram feed is also adorned with images of her family, such as photos from the premiere of the film Fear Street. In her recent posts, Julia Rehwald has shown her love for her close family, including her sister, and has also publicly shared her latest film trailer on Netflix.


Born in California, Julia Rehwald is an entrepreneur and social activist. She studied acting at the Tisch School of the Arts in NYC and landed her first commercial for IKEA while there. She then went to London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and honed her acting skills. After graduating, she finished a semester early and started auditioning for film and television projects. Her talent was soon recognized and she was signed to various companies.

Rehwald has a background in acting and is of Filipino descent. She is also active on social media sites. Her photos are constantly updated on her Instagram and Twitter account. She has a younger sister named Joanna Rehwald, with whom she enjoys working together. Rehwald is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. You can learn more about Julia Rehwald by checking out her website. You can also follow her on Twitter, where she shares her thoughts and ideas.

Rehwald’s family is very close to her heart. She spends time with her friends and cousins, and loves to watch animated movies with them. Her younger sister, Joanna Rehwald, is also a part of her family. Her boyfriend remains a mystery. She has been dating an unidentified guy for several years, but he has not revealed his identity. Aside from business, Rehwald is a Christian.


As a native of New York, Julia Rehwald is of American nationality. She is an active social media contributor and supports the Black Lives Matter campaign for 2020. She has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram. You can check out Julia Rehwald’s nationality by viewing her Instagram profile. If you want to know more about Julia Rehwald, read on! Also, check out her age, religion, and Instagram followers to learn more about her.

In her Instagram bio, Joanna Rehwald displays a Philippine flag. This might be a hint that Julia Rehwald is part Filipino. This actress plays a teenage girl in the Netflix series Fear Street. Interestingly, her age is unknown as of mid-2021. On her Instagram profile, she displays her affection for her family and close friends. She even posted an Instagram picture of her family during the premiere of the show.

While the identity of her parents is still unknown, there is information regarding Julia Rehwald’s political beliefs. She has supported the 2020 Black Lives Matter campaign and has attended numerous political events. Her relationship status is unknown, but she is single. There are a few rumors about her love life, but no solid proof has surfaced yet. However, her social media presence is a clear sign that she’s a committed, passionate person who enjoys her job and family life.


The Career of Julia Rehwald is a very impressive one for any actor. She has earned a lot of money from her acting and modeling careers. She lives a comfortable life and is dedicated to these fields. She is single and has no boyfriend at the moment. She uploaded photos with her mother on Instagram. Her younger sister is named Joanna. Julia enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is unmarried.

Julia Rehwald was born in the Philippines and is of Filipino descent. She graduated from St. Francis High School. In addition to her acting career, she was a model and gained public attention. She stands at 5 feet six inches and weighs around 50 kilograms. Her parents are Christian but her exact date of birth is unknown. She is very passionate about her profession. After completing her high school, she began modeling. She has since been cast in roles that require her to be a teenager.

Despite her acting career, Julia Rehwald still hasn’t found a partner in her life. She currently lives in New York. Her first film as an actress was Where’s Darren? in 2017, and she also appeared in the short film Mukbang Masarap in 2018.

Net worth

Aside from her career as an actress, Julia Rehwald is also an entrepreneur, social media influencer, and a model. Her net worth is estimated to be $500,000. While Julia is single, she has an Instagram account. If you’d like to know more about Julia Rehwald’s career, check out her biography and wiki. In addition to her career, you can learn more about Julia Rehwald’s height and weight.

The actress has nearly four thousand Instagram followers, and she uses her platform to advocate for social advancement. The actress is pictured with the cast of the movie Fear Street, which she is currently negotiating for a leading role in. Rehwald is short, and she might have been wearing heels when she posted those photos. She hasn’t revealed any details about her relationship with co-star Fred Hechinger, but it’s safe to say she’s single. She has three film projects scheduled for 2021, including a movie based on the infamous teen series, Fear Street.

Rehwald is a prominent figure on social media and is known for sharing pictures of her friends and family on Instagram. She also supports the Black Lives Matter 2020 campaign. Julia Rehwald’s religious beliefs are unknown, but it’s safe to assume that she is a Christian because she attended St. Francis High School. However, this does not have any bearing on her career or relationships. So, while she does believe in God, her religious beliefs do not affect her net worth.


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