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Maintaining UGG Slippers
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Quick Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining UGG Slippers.

Slippers that feel like a warm hug for your feet must be maintained properly. Although, you must have often wondered how to clean the comfiest and softest slippers ever to exist.

Your next question may be, ‘can UGGs be cleaned at home?’ Fortunately, the answer is yes.

Although sheepskin UGG slippers can be cleaned in a washing machine, they must be handled with care.

Here is a guide that takes you through every step to leave your UGGs looking as good as new.

UGGs Cleaning Guide

Before diving into the cleaning process, first, understand the materials they are made of.

UGG Slippers Material

Here is a breakdown of the materials UGGs are made of:

  • Sheepskin
  • Suede
  • EVA outsole
  • Recycled polyester fiber

All of these materials have their cleaning and care specifications. You cannot use any cleaning agent available at hand to clean your UGG slippers.

To begin with, remember, you must not soak your UGGs in water.

How to Clean UGG Slippers in the Washing Machine?

Under the proper settings, it is possible to clean UGGs in a washing machine. It is pretty simple, and all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Carefully place your UGGs in a mesh bag to add a level of protection.
  2. Place that bag in your standard residential washing machine.
  3. Add a small quantity of a washing detergent that is odor-free.
  4. Set the washing cycle on the ‘Delicate’ setting and select the ‘Cold Wash’ option. Keep in mind that this is the most crucial step in the process.
  5. Once the cycle is over, let the UGGs air dry.

Do you not want to wash your UGGs in a machine? Do not worry. You can wash them by hand as well.

How to Clean UGG Slippers Without Using the Washing Machine?

Cleaning UGGs is not a complicated process. This delicate pair of slippers can be cleaned by following these steps:

  1. Wet the slippers with cold water.
  2. Apply a small quantity of any mild cleaning agent on a wet sponge.
  3. Scrub the surface of the slippers very gently since sheepskin is a delicate material. If scrubbed hard, the sheepskin can get damaged.
  4. Rinse the slippers in cold water to remove any residual cleaning agent.
  5. Leave the slippers to air dry. Make sure you do not place them under direct sunlight.
  6. After the slippers are dry, brush them with a soft suede brush. Move the brush in a single direction only.

Your UGGs will restore their comfy and warm status by the end of this process.

How to Protect Your UGGs?

You are done washing and cleaning your UGGs. All you need to do now is protect these delicate yet precious slippers:

  • Spray a layer of protective spray that is intended for sheepskin or suede
  • Store the slippers in a clean and dry area to avoid any dust accumulation
  • Avoid wearing UGGs to particularly dirty areas

Wrapping Up

You should be convinced that cleaning UGGs is a simple and easy process. There is no need to take these fuzzy clouds like slippers to a professional cleaner.

If worn outdoors, you will notice regular wear and tear. It should not be a problem if you follow the simple steps mentioned above. Remember, be patient while cleaning these comfortable slippers.

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