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Aloe Vera

Treat Your Skin With an Aloe Vera Face Wash

Aloe vera juice is used in many areas such as skin care, hair care, health, nutrition, well-being. It is a versatile edible plant with multiple properties. The aloe vera gel is very thick and transparent. It is 98% water. The remaining 2% are nutrients: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, etc. Aloe vera is edible and is usually drunk as a juice. But it can also be applied directly to all skin types: dry skin, damaged skin, sensitive skin, oily skin and on the body.

The benefits of aloe vera on the skin

The aloe vera plant is very nutritious. It has many active properties on the skin and is effective in treating certain ailments. This plant is an essential health and beauty ally for the skin of your face and body.

Its properties are also shown to be very effective against insect bites. Applying aloe vera to a bite significantly reduces itching, but also heals the skin. The latter disappear more quickly and are therefore much less restrictive.

Treat irritation and help healing

As with burns, aloe vera has a healing and calming action on light wounds. The gel stimulates the immune system and promotes good healing in the event of infection. Indeed, the plant has anti-inflammatory properties which improve the healing process of the skin. The antibacterial properties of aloe vera have been known for thousands of years. The gel is therefore used to prevent and treat various skin infections. It is then used as a topical application to treat eczema and psoriasis. Moisturizing and emollient, the gel softens irritated skin and soothes it.

The gel of the plant will help fight against the appearance of skin infections and bacteria. But it is also a powerful calming agent against itching and all forms of redness. In addition, this all-natural product is also used to reduce dark spots on the face. Softer skin is skin better protected against external aggressions!

A gain in elasticity for the skin of the face

Aloe vera gel promotes the production of fibroblasts. These are the cells responsible for renewing collagen, a substance that allows our skin to be and stay elastic. By participating in cell renewal, aloe therefore helps to strengthen the elasticity of the epidermis. In this sense, it actively acts against aging of the skin and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin is much firmer and younger thanks to this completely natural remedy.

As this plant with multiple virtues is ideal for fighting against aging of the skin, its gel can be added to creams and other products. This makes it easier to prevent the appearance of signs of aging and to treat them.

Aloe vera and oily skin: a natural solution

Aloe vera and oily skin are not mutually exclusive. Quite the contrary. Indeed, we can even say that aloe vera is a natural solution brought to balance the skin. If the plant is effective in combating dryness in the layers of the epidermis, it is also useful against oily skin problems. Aloe vera gel penetrates the epidermis and does not leave a greasy film behind. And to go further, it has an astringent action to tighten the pores and optimize the mattness of the skin.

Aloe vera and dry skin: deep hydration

One of the greatest qualities of aloe vera is its ability to penetrate the epidermis quickly and easily. While many creams and cosmetics give the impression of hydrating the skin, no product can match the actions of aloe vera. We can then use aloe vera on dry skin, but also on all skin types (oily, sensitive, prone to acne, etc.). The gel of the plant is able to penetrate the epidermis in depth without leaving an oily mark on the skin. But above all to hydrate all the layers that make up the skin.

Indeed, this gel is very concentrated in water, but it is also very wet. This property therefore allows it to penetrate all the layers of the epidermis with great ease. The vitamins it contains promote blood circulation, nourish cells and tighten tissues while smoothing the skin. In addition to moisturizing dry skin, aloe vera gives it the benefit of its purifying, nourishing and restorative actions.

Other benefits for the skin, face and body

Aloe vera is a natural solution against oily, dry or damaged skin. But the plant can also be useful during hair removal. By settling on the skin, the gel soothes tingling and will promote healing of small cuts, while leaving skin soft, hydrated and perfectly smooth behind it.

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