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What Age Are the Characters in Encanto Mar?

This article discusses an American animated film that Disney published and the characters’ ages. Continue reading Encanto: How Old are the Characters?

Do you want to learn more about the ages and development of Disney’s animated characters? To learn more about the ages of your favorite animated characters, you can read the entire article.

Film lovers from the United States and United Kingdom look for official answers to questions about the character’s age. This curiosity is evident on numerous social media posts. Continue reading to learn How Old are the Characters in Encanto.

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About Encanto Film

Encanto, an animated American film that is based on the musical fantasy genre of music, was released in November 2021. It was released theatrically on 24th November 2021. Unfortunately, the pandemic had a negative impact on the film’s theatrical success.

Encanto was directed by Jared Bush, Byron Howard and Charise Castro Smith. The screenplay was written by Charise Castro Smith and Jared Bush. The story was written by Nancy Kruse and Charise Castro Smith, Jared Bush, Charise Cruz Smith, Jason Hand, Charise CastroSmith, Jason Hand, Byron Howard, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Charise CastroSmith. The film’s budget was between $120-150 million. The film earned more than $206 millions.

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How Old are the Encanto Characters?

These are the Encanto film character’s age:

  • Antonio, who is the youngest character in this film, is five years old.
  • Camila is fifteen years of age.
  • Dolores was twenty-two years of age.
  • Felix is fifty-years-old.
  • Mirabel is fifteen years of age.
  • Louisa is nineteen.
  • Isabella is twenty-two.
  • Augustine is fifty-years old.
  • Peppa is 50 years old.
  • Bruno is fifty-years-old.
  • Julieta is 50 years old.
  • Abuela Alma, seventy-five-year-old, is the oldest character in this movie.

People’s Reaction to Character Ages

  • People started to post various ages and statements to support their points after the Encanto characters’ ages became so popular that they were asked ” How Old is Encanto?”
  • Reddit user Lenalee expressed confusion about the appearance and age of Bruno. Another Reddit user stated that Bruno does not appear to be fifty-years old.
  • Lenalee suggests, too that it would be fair if all people grew older between 8-10 years.
  • Many users agreed that the age was correct because the family members were able to access magical powers and other supernatural gifts. Let’s now discuss What Age Are the Characters in Encanto.
  • With more people joining the social media discussions and other online discussions about the character’s age, the social media debates are becoming more lively.
  • Analyzing comments and reviews, it is clear that most viewers are happy with the child’s age and the growing people under twenty-five.


The topic of Encanto’s age became a hot topic on social media when people began discussing it. For more information about the topic please visit

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