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Samsung NU7200

Samsung NU7200 Review

If you’re interested in buying a new television, you might want to consider the Samsung NU7200 series. This new line of TVs is known for upscaling HD material to 4K resolution and supporting HDR technology, which helps extract more detail from low-light scenes. In addition to upscaled video, the NU7200 features Samsung Smart TV software that supports streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and many more.

4K Ultra HD

The UN40NU7200 4K Ultra HD is a great new television for just $250. Its 4K resolution is four times that of Full HD. Thanks to UHD Engine(tm), even non-4K TV content is upscaling to 4K. It also includes a $20 VUDU credit to enjoy streaming content. Whether you watch TV shows or movies, you’ll love watching them on this new television.

The NU7100 Series upscales HD material to 4K resolution. It also has an HDR mode to extract more detail from low-light scenes. The NU7200’s smart TV software lets you access Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and more. It has a decent input lag and good response time, but fast moving objects appear blurred and at an angle, which may degrade viewing quality.

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Smart TV

If you’re in the market for a new 4K smart TV, the UN40NU7200 is an excellent option. This $250 model is equipped to handle high-quality content and is capable of tapping into all major streaming services. Its features include HDR mode, which extracts more detail from low-light scenes, and an all-new Apple TV app. The latest version of Samsung’s smart TV software offers a host of services, including Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.


The speakers in the Samsung Nu7200 are decent, but they can’t compete with the gimmicky HDR. That’s unfortunate, as the Nu7200 is one of the best televisions on the market. While the speakers are decent, the TV doesn’t live up to the hype of its HDR-enabled predecessor. To remedy this, the manufacturer has introduced a new speaker that will provide similar results.

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4K UHD upscaling

The Samsung nu7200 4K UHD upscaler is one of the most popular TVs on the market. Its price makes it a good value for money, and its 4K upscaling is excellent. But it’s not the best TV on the market. It’s marketed as offering “Crystal UHD” performance, which isn’t really a step up from QLED quality.

As an example, Samsung’s AI upscaling uses machine learning and artificial intelligence. Essentially, the computer will analyze your video content and then create a new filter based on the differences between the two. That means that 1080p sports content will have different filters than 4K sports, for example. According to Samsung, there are over 100 filters in the AI upscaling process.

Upscaling happens at various levels, depending on the quality of the original. The upscaler first looks at pixels surrounding the original, and then it tries to reproduce those pixels with high-quality results. This requires a very powerful processor, and this feature isn’t available in all models. It’s recommended that you test a 4K UHD upscaling feature before purchasing a TV.

While 4K and 8K video are the future, there’s no guarantee that people will start watching them anytime soon. The US is far from a 4K TV broadcast, so most people will still be watching 1080p sources for a while. Improved upscaling will help you enjoy even lower resolution sources in high-quality. A 4K TV is still an important part of your entertainment system, but it’s not a necessity for it to be 4K.

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