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MSI Gaming GS63VR 6RF Stealt Pro Laptop Review

The MSI GS63 Stealth-010 is a powerful gaming laptop from a respected brand. Read our reviews to learn more about this laptop. You can also find the MSI GS63 Stealth-010 review written by someone who has used and tested this machine. You can read their experience with it and rate the machine for yourself. You may even be surprised by what you find out! This computer has everything you need to compete in the best games.

GS63VR 7RF Stealth Pro

The MSI GS63VR is a thin and lightweight high performance laptop with a GTX1070 Max-Q GPU and 16GB of DDR4 RAM. It can handle the most graphically demanding applications and visual productivity suites, and it even delivers power for Virtual Reality. Yet, it’s still only 18mm thick, and weighs only 3.8 pounds. Weighing just less than a pound, the MSI GS63VR is perfect for the most demanding tasks.

The MSI GS63VR isn’t exactly the quietest laptop. Unlike the GS60, the GS63VR has three fans instead of one. The fan inside the GS63VR is active all the time, even when the system is in Power Saver mode. While the fans aren’t particularly noisy, they are louder when running in High Performance mode, and they’re much more sensitive to changes in RPM. The GS63VR’s battery life, while decent, is below average.

MSI has a number of configurations of the MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro. Overclockers UK lists four different configurations, and you can easily differentiate between them by reading the titles. One of the most notable differences is the size of the 256GB boot SSD drive. The 211UK model is larger, with a 15.6-inch IPS panel and a 256GB SSD.

The MSI GS63VR 7RF Stealth is a thin high-performance laptop that boasts a powerful Core i7 processor and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 GPU. Its size and weight make it perfect for VR headsets and most other gaming applications. It weighs less than four pounds and measures 14.9 x 9.8 inches. The lid is made of black brushed aluminum.

Some MSI users have reported that their GS63VR 7RF Stealth notebook has speaker problems. The sound is not as clear as it should be, and some have reported that the speakers are too quiet. If this is the case, you can replace them by following our guide. It will take you less than 15 minutes. However, you may want to check the warranty before purchasing. There are several ways to replace the speakers in MSI Gaming GS63VR 7RF Stealth Pro.

The GS63VR is capable of replacing MacBook Pro 15 and XPS 15. However, its lower color gamut and poor battery life make it a bad choice for those looking for a gaming notebook. Aside from the price tag, this notebook is very powerful. But the only downside is its lack of true silent mode and lack of a true silent mode. It doesn’t have many ports.

The MSI GS63VR’s dedicated thermal solutions allow you to multi-task during intense gameplay. With 5 heat pipes, the GPU can be stacked with 2 fans for increased cooling. SteelSeries Engine 3 also serves as your firearm during gameplay. You can customize lighting, program macros, and sync your gaming data to the cloud. This is an important factor in maximizing your gaming experience.

The MSI GS70 laptop is fairly hot, though it does get comfortable when sat on your lap. The felt-like bottom is a nice touch, as it adds comfort. The heat is tolerable under normal loads, but if you’re gaming all day, you might want to consider a cooling pad. However, you’ll have to pay attention to your settings while using the laptop as it may affect the temperature.

The MSI GS63VR 7RF Stealth has a 2.6-GHz Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor and 16GB of RAM, making it comparable with most gaming laptops in the market. The system’s 256GB M.2 PCIe SSD is paired with a 1TB, 5,400 rpm hard drive, and its ability to duplicate 4.97 GB of multimedia files in nine seconds is impressive.

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GS63VR 6RF Stealth Pro

The MSI Gaming GS63VR 6RF Stealt Pro weighs 4.2 pounds and measures 14.9 x 9.8 x 0.69 inches. This makes it one of the lightest 15-inch gaming laptops available. The closest competitors are the Alienware 15 and the Digital Storm Equinox. Each weighs more than four pounds. Weighing just 4.4 pounds, this laptop is considerably more portable than its rivals.

The MSI GS63VR 6RF Stealth is a surprisingly thin gaming notebook that packs blistering transfer speeds. While it doesn’t fit in ultrabook territory, it doesn’t feel bulky or uncomfortable. Its black exterior has a brushed metal texture, and its lid features a lighted dragon logo. But if you’re looking for a truly portable gaming laptop, look elsewhere.

Battery life isn’t great, but overall the MSI GS63VR has excellent performance, although battery life isn’t great. Chrome with 13 tabs and Spotify playing in the background isn’t going to leave you with much battery life. I got two hours and 20 minutes of battery life using the Balanced power plan, but you’ll get more out of it if you use the Power Saver feature.

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The MSI GS63VR has an aesthetically pleasing design, and is similar to other MSI laptops. The chassis is made from brushed magnesium alloy with a black finish. The screen is also very good, with no reflections and glare. It is a smooth screen to play games on, and the keyboard is solid enough to use. The keyboard is lacking a Caps Lock indicator, but is otherwise quite functional.

Other features of the MSI Gaming GS63VR 6RF Stealt Pro include a Kensington lock and a charging port on the left side. Its power button is located close to the keyboard, making it easy to reach for quick actions. The MSI GS63VR 6RF Stealth Pro also has a MiniDisplayPort and HDMI port. This notebook does not have an exhaust vent on its left side, unlike the HP Pavillion Gaming Notebook.

The MSI Gaming GS63VR 6RF Stealt Pro also comes with a SteelSeries RGB keyboard. This keyboard can be customized via the Dragon Center software and features the ability to react to in-game status. The latter is more basic, but it does work, and it does make a difference if you’re looking for a quick way to switch between different gaming modes.

The MSI GS63VR 6RF Stealth’s MSI TrueColor Technology is another feature worth mentioning. It allows users to tweak the color profile and activate a blue light reduction filter. Unfortunately, the software cannot be used to tune the built-in display when the gaming PC is connected to an external monitor. If you’re looking for a high-quality gaming PC, this is the right choice.

The MSI profile manager lets you set up various profiles, allowing you to tailor the settings to suit your specific needs. The software also supports various usage scenarios, including one-click VR, X-Boost, Shift mode, and True Color. Other features include an eSATA connector, lock slot, and SD card reader. The MSI dragon center also allows you to change the fan speed and turn on the “Eco” mode.

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