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Is Alimo a Good Last Name, Stock, and Beta?

We’ll explore Alimo as a last name, a stock, and a beta measure. It’s a curious name for a company, but is Alimo a good choice for a last name? This article will explore the company’s history, its stock beta, and more. By the end, you’ll know whether or not it’s a good fit for your portfolio. But, do we really need to care?


The real estate company Groupimo SA is based in Fort-de-France, France and provides real estate services across France. The company offers co-ownership management, rental management, property maintenance, and transaction services, as well as insurance brokerage services. Groupimo operates through 25 subsidiaries in France. This article provides an overview of the company’s services. To learn more, read on. This article will provide investors with an overview of Groupimo’s services.

Fusion Media has announced their newest product, Alimo. The app is designed for business owners and consumers alike, and is made by a team of professionals with experience in online business. It is compatible with Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop. You can download the free Alimo Groupimo trial here. The Alimo Groupimo website is a great resource for anyone looking for a professional-grade video software. It allows users to edit their own video content, and offers a powerful toolbox for creating and sharing presentations.

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Alimo as a last name

The people of the last name Alimo have been around for several centuries. Their presence in the history has been felt, despite their insignificant contributions. But they have a legacy to uphold. Among them, they are notable for founding distinguished lineages. So, is Alimo a good choice for a last name? Read on to find out! Here are some reasons why you should choose Alimo for your next surname.

People with the name Alimo are idealistic analyzers, enjoy puzzles, and are often shy. They may also have difficulty trusting other people and may find it difficult to talk to people. However, if you have a gift for intuition, you can use this trait to your advantage. The people with Alimo last names are also perceived as mysterious, intellectual, and respectable. Being well-dressed enhances their dignity.

As a last name, Alimo is uncommon, but it is very unique. It occurs most frequently in Uganda, with only a few people bearing the name in other countries. Besides being an unusual last name, it is also the 154th most popular surname in the world. In fact, less than five people are born with this last name every year. And as for the first name, Alimo is pronounced as Limao.

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Groupimo as a stock

You might be wondering whether Groupimo as a stock is a good choice. You might be tempted by its current price, but you should first read up on what makes a good investment. After all, the company is a French real estate company that provides property administration, intermediation, renovation activities, rental management, co-ownership management, and expertise/diagnostics. Groupimo was founded in Fort-de-France, France, and is now headquartered there. The company is a publicly-traded company in France.

The Groupimo SA is a holding company that offers integrated real estate services to both businesses and individual consumers. It offers residential and business real estate services, as well as asset administration, leasing management, co-ownership management, transaction services, and insurance brokerage. Its activities span France, the Dominican Republic, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana, and Saint Martin. Its stock price fluctuates in response to the company’s performance.

Groupimo as a beta measure

When looking at Groupimo as a beta measure of the alimo sector, it is important to consider the volatility of the stock. This number indicates how much risk Groupimo is exposed to in the wider market. A beta value of one represents the general risk of the market as a whole. A beta of over one indicates a stock’s sensitivity to market-wide shocks.

A beta measure of the performance of a company is useful when it can provide insight into what the company’s future earnings are likely to be. In Groupimo’s case, the expected earnings are higher than those of its competitors. This can be found in the company’s strategy. Groupimo’s growth prospects may be a sign of future strong earnings. It’s important to keep in mind that the company’s market capitalization is only EUR674K. The market cap of Groupimo is also small, which means that its volatility may be excessive.

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