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Bahama Bucks in Texas

Bahama Buck’s is a privately held franchise specializing in non-alcoholic beverages and shaved ice. The company is headquartered in Lubbock, Texas. For more information, visit bahamabucks.com. The company’s website features a list of locations and a menu. It also offers social networking options. A bahama buck is a place where customers can meet and chat with friends and family.


The locations of Bahama Bucks in Texas are available online. You can browse the list of locations by state and city and find details of the nearest location. You can also read reviews of the various locations. The following map shows the location of the Bahama Bucks in Texas. We hope that you enjoy your next visit! We look forward to hearing about your experiences at the various locations! Also, don’t forget to like their Facebook page to receive special deals and updates.


The menu at Bahama Bucks includes a variety of dishes that are tropically themed. The store itself is filled with brightly colored booths with comfortable chairs. On the walls of the shop, you will find surf boards and road signs. The menu features a variety of products meant to bring flavor back to life. You can also enjoy their ice cream selections. If you enjoy the taste of tropical flavors, you should definitely visit the Bahama Bucks store.

The menu at Bahama Bucks is extensive and includes contact information and a nutritional guide. The brand is an American company that started in Lubbock, Texas. Blake Buchanan originally intended to use the profits to pay for his university fees. However, his entrepreneurial spirit soon grew and he now has over 30 locations in many US states. Bahama Bucks’ prices won’t empty your wallet, so you can indulge in this unique treat anytime of the year.

The menu at Bahama Bucks includes shaved ice, frozen drinks, and island smoothies. The smallest cup of shaved ice at this beach bar costs $3. You can also order Paradise Party Packs, SnoBlasts, and Sno2Throw SnoBalls. Note that the prices listed here may vary from location to location. Therefore, these prices should be considered an estimate.

For more information, call the restaurant directly. You can also order food online through Uber Eats. However, note that the prices of menu items may vary from those on the restaurant’s website. It is always best to call and make a reservation before dining. A great meal is worth celebrating with your loved ones. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or a birthday, Bahama Bucks restaurants are sure to delight you.

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Ownership of Bahama Buck’s franchise has many benefits. First, you can be your own boss. In this concept, you’ll earn two to three times more than your average franchise restaurant. The business model can thrive in many different environments. Bahama Buck’s franchise owners have a strong understanding of the system and product. After the training, they’ll help you find the right location for your new franchise. Franchisees will get support and training to get their store up and running as quickly as possible.

Franchisees are provided with marketing and operations personnel. These professionals work closely with franchisees to develop goals that are local to their community. This ensures that every visit to a Bahama Buck’s franchise is fun, delicious, and memorable. The company has created a web portal called Icebox, which provides franchisees with instantaneous data, marketing resources, equipment support, and a monthly newsletter. The web portal was the idea of a franchisee committee.

In 2013, Bahama Buck’s had 28 locations, but as of September, the company had more than 200. The company currently has 87 locations, with 166 more planned. The Frisco location closed on Sept. 5. The new owners plan to renovate and expand the Frisco location. Employees will be hired and the company will hire some former workers. Bahama Buck’s serves shaved ice, mixed fruit, and smoothies.

The first Bahama Buck’s opened in Lubbock, TX, in 1990. Blake Buchanan started the business with just one ice-shaving machine and hoped to get a summer job that wasn’t lawn-mowing. He enlisted three generations of family members to help him with his business and staffed the store with college students. In 1991, he married Kippi, a longtime friend.

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Social networking platforms

While Bahamian businesses continue to struggle with the new media frontier, tens of thousands of locals are embracing the power of social media. In December, 73 percent of Bahamians were online, and more than 235,000 Bahamians have a Facebook account. In the interview, Madeline Berges, the vice president of Interval International, explained that the tourism industry is a vital component of the local economy.

Few Caribbean governments and businesses have yet developed a viable social media strategy. This is in part because few government and business figures have yet to fully realize the potential of social media. In the meantime, most governmental and business figures focus on domestic messaging during election seasons and other politically charged events, while remaining silent at other times. Social media has the potential to transform the way a nation does business and promotes itself. Therefore, it is critical that governments and businesses take advantage of the power of social media.

Franchise investment

A Bahama Bucks franchise investment varies according to location. The total initial investment can be anywhere from $303,700 to $957,838. In addition to the franchise fee, you’ll pay royalties of six to ten percent of the total sales. Additional stores cost half the franchise fee, but that money is credited against the franchise fee for each additional location. In addition, there are ongoing training and support programs to help franchisees maximize their business’ potential.

To start a Bahama Bucks franchise, you’ll need to attend training in Lubbock. The training is focused on guiding you through the franchise development process. You’ll learn how to make the product and run your business. Then, the company will help you secure prime real estate. The franchise development team will assist you with demographic studies, site searches, and negotiations. Afterward, you’ll receive ongoing support and training to help you open and operate your new store.

In addition to in-house financing, Bahama Bucks Franchise Corp. has relationships with third-party sources that offer financing options for startup costs. These financing options include financing for franchise fees, equipment, inventory, accounts receivable, and payroll. Financing options may vary by location, but the company strives to help franchisees be the best owners they can be. The franchise investment period is 10 years, but you can extend it for an additional 10 years if you wish.

Once you’ve determined that you want to open a Bahama Bucks franchise, you can start the training process. You can expect to invest as little as $233,326, depending on the location and the type of franchise you choose. However, you should be aware that the franchise fee includes several other fees, such as territory fees and training. Regardless of where you’d like to open your new Bahama Bucks franchise location, you’ll need to make sure you can handle the initial training and operational tasks that come with the job.

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