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Five ways men can live longer in sexual activity.

If you’re concerned your sexual activity that you’re not finishing your work in time at night, you’re not alone. about 1 in 3 males across the US have issues with premature ejaculation. It’s not clear the reason this occurs, but experts believe that it’s due to a mix of biological and psychological causes.

If you’re not able to enjoy sexual intimacy for the time that you’d like there are many methods that could aid

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How long does an average person stay in sexual activity?

The adult film industry frequently depicts sex that lasts for hours. This can create a false perception of how long sex ought to be, according to Jamin Brahmbhatt MD who is a Urologist in PUR. PUR clinic.

According to the study from 2005 carried out across five countries, vaginal sex typically lasts from 5 to 6 minutes.

But, there’s no set duration for sexual arousal to be lasting and it’s your choice along with your spouse to determine which is the most effective option.

The reason you may not last for the time you’d like to

  • Psychology The reason for this isn’t fully understood, “there are definitely psychological factors that contribute to premature ejaculation” Brahmbhatt says. Research suggests the fact that anxiety especially anxiety over the sexual activityperformance of your partner is associated with premature ejaculation. Being down, depressed, stressed out or feeling worried or guilty may also cause you to be more likely to end your session fast. Some men also have premature ejaculation in higher rate if they have an unsatisfactory self-image or have been victimized by sexual assault.
  • experience: Your level of sexual experience will also impact the length of time you stay in the bed. “Men can also be more climaxed when they’re not frequently having sexual activity relations or it’s their first time participating in sexual activities,” Brahmbatt says.
  • A large amount of testosterone free: Research has shown that males with early ejaculation have more free testosterone and could cause symptoms such as fatigue and lower sexual drive. . But, researchers say further study is needed to discover the reason for this.

How can you last longer in the sex

If you’re having trouble not finishing on time There are five suggestions to help.

1. Condoms

As premature ejaculation could be due to hypersensitivity, condoms is a straightforward solution that can prolong the duration of sex. The condom acts as a buffer over the penis which reduces sensation , which can lead to delay in ejaculation.

2. The pause-squeeze technique

The pause-squeeze method is performed while sexually active or masturbating, and includes:

  1. You can’t stop having sex until you are sure that you’re about to ejaculate.
  2. Then, pull out and pressing your penis for some seconds or until the urge to ejaculate has passed..
  3. Then, continue to have sex, repeating the process as necessary.

“They believe that you should end the flow and allow the penis rest, return to speed up your time, Brahmbatt says.”

With time, you could be capable of develop the body to slow ejaculation, without using the squeeze move.

3. Pelvic floor exercises

The pelvic floor muscles are located between your prostate and rectum and, just like other muscles these can also be strengthened with exercises. Experts believe that if the pelvic floor muscles are weak it will be difficult for you to hold off on your exercise.

To relax those pelvic muscles pretend you’re trying to keep your body from passing gas. You can feel the muscles you feel are moving. To strengthen these muscles, do these steps:

  1. The pelvic floor muscles should be tightened. You can lie down or even sit to make it more comfortable.
  2. Tension the muscles for three seconds.
  3. Relax your muscles to 3 secs.
  4. Repeat the exercise the exercise as many times as you need to.

Check this page for a more thorough information on kegel exercises for both genders.

For the best results, try to complete three set of 10 reps every day.

4. The use of numbing medication

These medications contain ingredients like lidocaine, prilocaine and that work by blocking nerve signals that cause both pain and pleasure. They are typically available as sprays or creams and, when applied to the penis, you’ll feel less sensitive and are approved to be used in cases of premature ejaculation.

Sprays or creams that numb the penis should put on the penis between 20 and 30 minutes before having sex. Since sexual activity pleasure is more tense, it might be capable of hold off your ejaculation.

There are some downsides of this approach but it can lower your partner’s response for pleasure. “Make sure your partner is aware you’re taking itto give them a heads-up and to ensure they do not have a prior history of allergies or a issue with its use,” Brahmbatt says.

5. Viagra

A study from 2007 discovered that Viagra was effective in preventing the ejaculation process as well as being more efficient than stop-squeeze method. When this study, nearly 87 percent participants using Viagra indicated that they wanted to continue using the treatment in contrast to 45 percent of those who used the stop-and-squeeze.

Ejaculation that is premature is a typical problem, but it can also cause problems in your relationship or sexual activity life. When none of the above strategies are effective in helping you stay longer in bed, consult your physician to determine the best treatment plan for you.

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