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nuphy air 75

Nuphy Air 75 Keyboard Review

The Nuphy Air75 is a wireless Bluetooth keyboard that can connect up to four devices. The keyboard features tactile switches, wide PBT keycaps, an aluminum frame, and thoughtful RGB lighting. It also includes battery and system indicators. However, the Nuphy Air 75 is one of the priciest options and is not meant for use with the iPad. For this reason, we recommend other keyboards for iPad use. It is not designed for iPad use, so you may need to invest a bit more money to get one.

Backlit keycaps

The backlighting on the NuPhy Air75 is outstanding and offers a range of customizable colors, brightness, and lighting effects. Unlike other mechanical keyboards, the NuPhy Air75 is individually lit, and each key is marked with a legend rather than shining through the keycaps. The NuPhy Air75 has a USB receiver for wireless connectivity and a charging cable. You can also change the keys and keycaps using the software included.

The keyboard’s RGB lighting has a range of settings to choose from, and is customizable via software. Backlighting is completely dimmable and customizable, while the keys are also illuminated in blue, green, and white. It comes with a removable USB-C cable and a QMK firmware that reduces input latency and disabling RGB backlighting is possible. For optimal gaming performance, the Nuphy Air 75 is designed to be compact.

The NuPhy Air75 is one of the thinnest mechanical keyboards on the market. It comes with the thinnest PBT spherical keycap available, a rugged aluminum frame, and a low-latency wireless connection. You can connect the keyboard to as many devices as you want, and the NuPhy Air75 is capable of connecting up to four devices simultaneously. You can hot-swap keycaps easily, and the keyboard features a clicky sound.

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RGB light bars

The NuPhy Air75 features outstanding backlighting, including RGB light bars. Users can customize the lighting effects, color, and brightness. The keys are individually illuminated without shine-through legends. The keyboard is compatible with both wireless and wired connections. It has a switch on the function row for easy access to the backlighting settings and USB receiver. Its RGB light bars are adjustable and can be flipped to provide a different color effect.


The Reconfigurable NuPhy Air75 keyboard has good compatibility options, but lacks software for Linux, Android, and iOS platforms. Regardless of the operating system, users will find that the keyboard works well on Mac laptops with an integrated screen, and is expected to work with a number of Apple-compatible monitors. Users should be able to customize their keyboards’ RGB backlighting settings with a NuPhy Console software that includes the NuPhy Air75.

The backlight of the Reconfigurable NuPhy Air75 keyboard is impressive. There are 21 different colors to choose from, and the lighting effects can be customized with the NuPhy Console. The keyboard is shipped in a nice retail box that shows a photo of the keyboard and a description of its key features. A nifty animated character is depicted on the box. The keyboard itself is very attractive.

The keyboard has a low profile, 16mm height, and is easy to carry around. It can sit atop virtually any laptop keyboard. It also features tactile feedback, so you can type on it without straining your wrists. It’s a great keyboard for frequent travel, and it will enhance your typing experience. If you’re not a fan of mechanical keyboards, the NuPhy Air75 keyboard may be for you.

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Built-in battery

The Nuphy Air75 is a wireless keyboard that connects up to 4 devices. It features a 75% layout, tactile switches, wide PBT keycaps, an aluminum frame, and thoughtful RGB lighting. There’s a built-in battery with a capacity of 2500 mAh that provides up to 48 hours of use. The keyboard is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers, and it features an integrated battery charger. Compared to other wireless keyboards, the Nuphy Air 75 is also one of the most expensive options, and the keyboard is not made for iPad use.

Compatible with Mac and Windows

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