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Loyalty Program

Why an Omnichannel Loyalty Program Is Beneficial For Retailers

Have you heard of Omnichannel? It’s the new retail marketing trend in the UK. The key is to make your shopping experience seamless. With Omnichannel, not only does the shopping become seamless, it actually becomes more streamlined and fast. Find out how you too can upgrade from omnichannel to Omnichannel plus wow your customers at the same time.

Why is omnichannel loyalty program important? Omnichannel is an extension of this. Rather than offering a single loyalty scheme to in-store only customers or one that does not carry over to internet purchases, you instead build your programme around multiple categories. For example, you might offer customers the opportunity to receive a free Omnichannel gift with their in-shop purchase or you might offer customers a reward for every five hundred visits to your store or warehouse, with no restrictions. In both cases, the key is to offer customers something of real value, which makes it a great business opportunity.

So what kind of incentives can you offer with an omnichannel loyalty program? Well, the first thing is that you have to remember that people are more likely to stick with a brand that they perceive as having value. That means you should look at offering the latest in technology and devices, such as iPads and iPhones. By giving away these highly valuable devices, you are engaging customers in a new way and reminding them of why they are engaged with you.

Of course, in addition to gifting your engaged customers with highly valued consumer electronics, you also need to make sure that your programme offers a variety of other incentives. Perhaps you could offer them a free pair of shoes every month once they have made a purchase within your organisation. Alternatively, you could offer them a reward when they visit your store or warehouse for the fifth consecutive month. Rewards in the form of free gifts, free tickets or even vouchers may also be desirable. Again, as long as you are offering something of real value, it is unlikely that the customer will be turned away from your brand.

Another aspect to consider is the manner in which you are offering IPsy experiences. Is there a specific kind of experience to offer to your subscribers? If so, then this could help to drive the right kind of traffic to your website and increase sales. For example, there are many hotels that use hotel coupons to encourage guests to stay at their properties.

The fourth aspect to consider is how you are keeping your subscribers up to date with the latest news and offers. This can be achieved through a variety of ways. Firstly, consider providing a weekly report on the latest developments and opportunities. Next, consider engaging customers in an Ask Me feature. For each question that is answered, there may be a voucher or other reward offered. Finally, a truly effective omnichannel loyalty program will encourage its members to share their experiences and let others know about the content that they have received.

In order to keep your customer base satisfied and engaged, it is important that you are providing them with some incentive to keep using your service. A brand identity and consistent marketing message can provide this incentive. For example, many hotels offer discounts or vouchers for each stay that is booked through their website. Similarly, retailers like Marks & Spencer regularly give customers a discount when they spend a certain amount with them. These can be combined with other types of personalised customer rewards. Again, the key is to use these offers to engage customers and encourage loyalty.

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There are a number of advantages to having an omnichannel loyalty program. For retailers, it allows them to provide increased levels of service by combining the features of two separate channels. Furthermore, it allows for greater flexibility as brands can choose exactly the type of messages and offers that will be delivered across multiple platforms. For customers, it provides a level of convenience as they are able to shop from their mobile phone, tablet or laptop wherever they are. Finally, the use of a brand identity across multiple channels enables retailers to gain greater control over their retail performance and is therefore highly advantageous to businesses looking to build long term sustainability.

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