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McDonald's famous Golden Arches

McDonald’s Golden Arches

  • Russian food chain Uncle Vanya has filed to trademark a logo that looks like McDonald’s famous Golden Arches.
  • The logo is also based on the color combination of yellow and red scheme, which is usually associated with McDonald’s. McDonald’s brand.

A Russian fast-food restaurant chain named Uncle Vanya has filed to trademark a logo with an eminent resemblance the iconic McDonald’s famous golden Arches.

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The weekend before, Uncle Vanya made a trademark application to the Russian government. It included a proposed logoan emoji of the”B. “B” along with “Uncle Vanya” beneath it in Russian.

The logo could be read to be it is the Cyrillic “Ve,” that is similar to the pronunciation of”Vanya,” it also resembles the sound of “V” that appears in “Vanya,” it also is reminiscent of McDonald’s Golden Arches — basically a huge “M” that has been turned upside down. The image provided by Uncle Vanya is also based on the yellow and red color scheme that is associated with McDonald’s. McDonald’s brand.

In the report the filing, Uncle Vanya was identified as having the Moscow company address and the company claiming to provide “snack bar” as well as “cooking and delivery to homes” services.

The announcement was made just three days after McDonald’s announcement that it was closing over 800 of its outlets across Russia on a permanent basis.


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