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What Do You Have to Gain by Modifying Your Work Truck?

Work trucks are reliable machines of immense power by nature, but they can almost always be improved. They can always be custom fitted to make them even more comfortable, reliable, and capable. Other than that, there is also the question of personalization, which has as much to do with practical performance as it does with aesthetics. Let’s go through some of the possibilities next and it should provide you with a better idea.

Extra Storage: Slider Tray

There are two primary modification types that extend a truck’s storage space without it having to tow anything. The first would be a slide out tray or a T-platform. As the name suggests, a metal slider tray is installed onto the truck’s bed that can be slid out partially or in full, depending on how much extra storage space you will need to carry the cargo. The added storage capacity is highly variable of course, but you can expect a commercial slider tray to add something between 1,000lbs to 3,000lbs of extra storage space.

Safe Storage: Transferable Service Body

A service body, or in this case, a transferable service body is a more comprehensive, protected, and reliable storage space upgrade. It’s essentially a separate, removable storage compartment that can be added onto a modified truck bed. Depending on the kind of cargo you carry, an enclosed service body can also be fitted with additional features such as climate controls. Click here to know more about transferable service bodies and custom truck modifications in general.

Comfortable Rides: Better Suspensions and Shock Absorbers

Better suspensions and shock absorbers can take your work truck to a whole new level of productivity because:

  • They make long hauls easier on the driver, even if they are forced to go offroad at times.
  • Being able to take the offroad paths for shortcuts makes it possible for drivers to make faster deliveries.
  • Off-road shock absorbers are designed to protect the cargo and the driver against the effects of constant jarring.
  • Improved suspension prevents internal grinding, which will keep your truck in better shape for much longer, even if you go off-road frequently.
  • Lifted suspension ensures that the truck body does not touch the surface below, which is a high possibility while off-roading.

Safe Off-Roading: Off-Road Tires

A work truck may have all the suspension it needs to keep the drive, the truck body, and the cargo protected, but they won’t save your tires on bad terrain. Make sure that your new truck comes with a 4-wheel drive and all-terrain tires, but if you are not buying a new truck anytime soon, it’s essential to have the old truck fitted with all-terrain wheels before taking on any off-road routes. Jagged rocks and tree branches, among other things can shred normal truck tires to bits, leading to accidents.

Driver Safety: Headache Racks

Unfortunate as it is, truck accidents cannot always be avoided. Alongside the obvious and not so obvious dangers of being involved in a truck accident, there is unique risk that only work truck drivers face. If a truck runs into an obstacle or the driver brakes at high speed, there is a possibility that the cargo may break through the back compartment and land on them. The headache rack eliminates this possibility to a great extent.

The rack is installed between the truck’s cab and its cargo bed to prevent the cargo from ever breaking into the cab. They do come with resistance ratings, so it’s best to make sure that the headache rack you install can indeed hold back the kind of cargo your truck usually transports.

Better Navigation: A High Quality GPS System

Most modern trucks do come with decent GPS systems, but older trucks should be upgraded with the latest A-GPS to help drivers navigate better, safer, and faster. It does not matter how well you may know the roads, having a reliable GPS system onboard can substantially cut down the time needed to make each delivery. Since we are discussing satellite navigation of the commercial variety here, expect real-time traffic updates, accident alerts, roadblock alerts, weather updates, optional off-roading possibilities, alternative route selection, reliable ETA predictions, and much more.

Although parking and rear-view cameras may not be necessary for the regular work truck, they can be considered essential if your rear-view mirrors are unable to show you everything that you should be able to see. It isn’t uncommon when you are carrying extra cargo on the bed.