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Types of Quotations in Forex Markets

Forex quotations in forex markets are complex and difficult for ordinary people or investors. It needs some knowledge and training in order to have a good understanding of these forex quotations that are provided in various ways! Also, it needs a bit of getting used to comprehensive quotes to take decisions on the same basis.

In this article, we are going to explain the most valuable and comprehensive types of Forex quotations as well as the required abbreviations that are used in them:


All foreign exchange quotations use a defined abbreviation under the currency question. There are standard currency codes and keys created and defined by ISO (international standards organization). These keys and codes are helpful while doing transactions all over the world.

Direct Quotation 

  • Meaning: using the direct quotation method, any quote is expressed easily by using domestic currency. That shows rate represents how foreign money is related to one unit of cash that is local and domestic. This method is also known as the price quotation method as an alternative to other quotations.
  • Usage: the direct quote method is known as a widely used method of quotation all over the world. This is the fundamental norm for the quotation of prices of Forex, and these are assumed as de facto unless other methods are mentioned explicitly.

Indirect Quotation

  • Meaning: this is a method that is the opposite of the first method – the direct quotation method. Using this quotation method, the quote is known and shown as foreign currency. Therefore, we can say that this rate gives assumptions of foreign currency of one unit. This is a method known as the quantity quotation method.
  • Usage: indirect currency quotation has rare uses. It is only and only used in the Commonwealth counties and states like Australia and the United Kingdom that this quotation method is used as the result of the convention.

The Unique Case of US Dollars

Most quotations only involve US dollars that are conventionally providing a direct quote for the US dollars. This is because most countries and states are only looking to have reserve currency all over the world. Therefore, any type of pairing of currencies involves US dollars that starts with USD/XXX that directly donates variable counter currency.


If your quote for USD and INR is received in India, it will be written as INR/USD, although Indian Rupee is known as the domestic currency. It will be correct to provide quotes in INR/USD. However, that is not known as a convention of Forex markets. The only notable exception to the above-stated rule would be the Dollar and Euro pair, whereas the Euro is now assumed to be domestic currency.

Therefore, any type of Forex quotation can be easily indulged in different ways on the basis of quotation type. Markets.com South Africa is offering reasonable quotes for beginners.


Hence, the above-stated two methods are the basic two types of quotations in forex markets. Any transaction and any type of trading are doing quotes by using these quotations. However, the only exceptional case is the third type of quote in US dollars.

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