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preschool franchises in Pune

Top 5 Preschool Franchise Opportunity in Pune

Launching a preschool franchise may provide an ideal path to entrepreneurial success while making an impactful difference in children’s lives. Franchise models provide an established route to business success while decreasing risk. In addition, building on existing brand names allows you to gain a competitive edge and strengthen an already-established name can give your brand name greater strength in the marketplace.

Selecting a school franchise can be an important decision, and to help make an informed choice it is essential to consider aspects such as educational excellence, scalability and financial security when making this choice. Furthermore, look for one with comprehensive support services as well as a solid business model; there are plenty of options out there!

Keeping all these points in mind we have sorted the top 5 preschool franchises in Pune that you can opt for.

Footprints Preschool and Daycare

Footprints Preschool and Daycare is a franchised education business offering top-quality preschool and childcare services. Their unique learning approach aims to foster children’s socialization while they participate in extracurricular activities that foster creativity. Their teaching methodologies follow best practices while their unique model offers low initial investment costs and excellent returns.

While starting a preschool may appear simple, several key considerations must be considered before investing. These include location, demand and competition – these factors could make or break your business venture. It is wise to opt for an established brand with proven success to reduce risks of failure and protect your investment.

Footprints Preschool and Daycare was established to offer children an enriching educational experience. Their unique curriculum blends elements from both Montessori and Steiner education for an unparalleled preschool experience.

Current locations of this organization span 126 preschool, day care and after school care centers nationwide. Their mission is to foster bright minds using an advanced High Scope curriculum and learning techniques; its pedagogy draws upon clinical studies for guidance in order to promote optimal brain development which occurs by age five.

Footprints offers its franchise partners additional benefits, such as sales and marketing support, teacher hiring assistance and operational management services. Their comprehensive support system enables franchise owners to focus on nurturing children while expanding their businesses – plus there’s even a variable royalty structure so fees decrease with increased revenues!

Little Millenium Preschool

Playschool franchises can make a profound impact in young children’s lives. Offering comprehensive curricula, training programs and marketing support – as well as offering safe environments – these franchises make an investment well worth its cost; all that’s necessary for success in this business is passion for education and hard work!

Little Millennium Preschools is an enormously successful chain of preschools managed by Educomp Solutions, India’s largest education company. At Little Millennium’s core is an understanding that every child is special and deserves to be nurtured in an atmosphere which supports their individuality while encouraging natural development. Little Millennium’s fast expansion can be attributed to its scientifically researched methodology, commitment offerings, and strong value proposition.

Kidzee is a leading preschool franchise in Pune that provides an integrated curriculum designed to foster holistic development of young children. They seek entrepreneurs passionate about early childhood education who will take pride in pioneering a new path.

An investment in a daycare or preschool franchise can help meet the rising demand for high-quality education, with investments typically requiring at least Rs. 200,000 (including franchise fee and startup costs). When selecting your location it should be easily accessible for parents while being close to local schools – additionally it must conform with local zoning regulations and obtain all of its licenses – once open make sure you advertise locally as well as network with influential local figures who may help promote your services.


EuroKids Preschool Chain in India has quickly become one of the most acclaimed preschool chains, winning multiple awards for its award-winning franchising model and outstanding learning experiences for children. Furthermore, with low startup costs and comprehensive support services that include teacher training courses, marketing guidance and operational guidance – EuroKids boasts a strong presence in Pune while rapidly expanding.

Success of this brand lies with its innovative pedagogy and curriculum based on integrating mind, body and soul – this allows children to quickly grasp the world around them while engaging in fun learning activities – perfect for parents who seek an all-rounded education for their child(ren).

Since 2001, this franchise has expanded from two schools to over 350 across three countries. Co-founder Prajodh Rajan has received several citations for his dedication to early childhood education; specifically his use of technology to optimize both students’ and teachers’ learning experience.

This award-winning preschool chain boasts a proven franchise business model and provides outstanding returns on investment. Their EDGE 360 franchise support program assists new entrepreneurs to get started successfully while also providing structured mentoring support and all of the infrastructure, equipment, and teaching aids needed for running a successful school.

The brand’s EDGE 360 program also provides training on child safety and security to assist franchisees with complying with local regulations, ongoing research and development support to keep up with educational industry advancements, promotion of its brand by parents to increase early childhood education awareness, as well as education on this important field.

Bachpan Play School

If you want your children to get off on the right foot in life, finding an excellent preschool franchise with unique pedagogy, advanced study materials and state-of-the-art infrastructure is key. Luckily there are numerous great options available such as Bachpan Play School which offer children an immersive learning experience.

The curriculum at this brand emphasizes early childhood development and introduces students to organised learning in a creative manner. Teachers evaluate children on an ongoing basis and regularly assess their progress. Furthermore, innovation and technology help the school enhance teaching methods; its smart classes have proven particularly popular among children and can strengthen basic concepts through an interactive experience.

Robotics program at this school is one of the most sought-after activities that foster critical thinking and develop logical reasoning skills in children. Furthermore, virtual reality technology used at the school allows kids to explore different locations worldwide. Finally, extracurricular activities provided at the school enhance gross and fine motor skills, cognitive growth, socialization abilities and leadership capacities of its pupils.

The Bachpan franchise holds a strong presence across India with 1100 schools. Committed to developing children from birth through kindergarten age, these preschools focus on early education through innovative teaching methods and child-friendly environments in a child-centric infrastructure that makes learning fun for its pupils. Each year student enrollment continues to increase making Bachpan an attractive preschool option for parents while its lucrative franchise model presents lucrative business opportunities.


Kidzee Preschool Franchise in India stands out as an exceptional business opportunity, boasting a highly profitable curriculum tailored to engaging young minds while encouraging holistic development. Kidzee also provides comprehensive support for franchisees including curriculum training, marketing strategies and operational guidance – making Kidzee an attractive proposition for entrepreneurs looking for high returns with low initial investments.

Kidzee Playschool Chain, owned and operated by Zee Learn Ltd, is an industry leader in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE). Their child-centric methodologies have set new benchmarks in learning; currently operating over 1550 schools in 550+ cities globally – it makes an ideal option for entrepreneurs aiming to start an educational business in Pune.

As Kidzee playschool franchise expands across the nation, they will continue providing quality education that allows children to realize their full potential and become responsible citizens in the future. Furthermore, this will encourage parents to invest in education as an act of giving back to their community.

Kidzee playschools provide 60-80 hours of teacher training to their faculty members to ensure they provide top-quality education to children. The training program is divided into three months of theoretical sessions and one month of field internships, and eligibility requirements include at least HSC passes aged over 18. Kidzee playschools provide entrepreneurs with an ideal platform to influence the futures of children while making an impactful statement about our society – offering well-established brands, comprehensive support systems and engaging teaching methodologies which make investing in them an excellent opportunity.

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