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Tips and Tricks to Make Moving House Less Stressful

Moving house is naturally a difficult experience, even for those who’ve done it multiple times in the past. Not only is it physically demanding, but it’s also emotionally demanding, too. At certain moments, it can feel like an impossible task, especially when stress starts to creep in. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Yep, it’s true: you can make moving house less stressful. How? By using the following tips and tricks.

Rent a storage unit for a couple of months

During the moving process, millions of homeowners have used storage units.

What’s a storage unit?

A storage unit (often referred to a self-storage unit) is a place provided by Storage Area where individuals and businesses pay monthly fees to store their belongings.

For example, whilst in the process of moving house, you could store furniture and other belongings in your storage unit.

This is especially useful for if you have people visiting your home for viewings, as it allows you to get your large and clunky personal possessions out of the way. After all, the only other alternative is to store them in the garage – which is something nobody wants to do!

Storage units can be rented on a monthly basis. Sometimes, you can even rent them on a weekly basis. This is great, as it means you only pay for the amount of time that you need.

Label your most important boxes

Whilst packing all your boxes up, make sure to label them so that nothing gets lost or accidently damaged.

Make it extra clear when a box has sensitive items in. If not, you might be more reckless with it, which in turn could lead to damages.

For labelling, you can’t go wrong with good-old yellow labels. Alternatively, you can simply grab a permanent marker and write everything out in block capitals.

Hire a removals van

You should hire a removals van at least a couple of months in advance. This will ensure that you can get a slot booked in on your desired move-in date with minimal fuss or hassle.

Also, if you need some added help and don’t want to pay the removals van to do two journeys, you should ask friends or family to help transport your belongings.

Don’t cling on to items

Clinging on to items you no longer need can actually make the moving process harder. This is especially true when these items are taking up lots of space in your boxes. Plus, if you’re moving to a smaller house, it’s going to make your life very difficult when you get there.

So, the best solution is to donate or giveaway the items you no longer need. Trust us, you’ll feel a lot better for doing so!

Start packing early

Finally, make sure that you start packing early.

Ideally, you should do this at least 3 months before the move-in date.

As mentioned above, if you pack early, you can transport your belongings to a storage unit for in-between time. It’s smart and will help to give you peace of mind.

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