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The 4 Most Legendary Porsche Cars

Porsche is a company known for producing incredibly stylish, incredibly loud, and incredibly fast cars. They are at the top of many people’s lust-have lists because of the luxury associated with them. Here is a close look at 4 of the best vehicles they produced.


The 356 was the first model to be produced by the company. It was something of a Frankenstein’s monster – with parts scavenged and licensed from other car manufacturers. It used a 1.1-liter air-cooled flat-four engine purchased from the far more established Volkswagen company. Although the performance of this car was not exactly hot on release, its looks more than made up for its tiny engine. The 356 had beautiful curved lines – something that Porsche would continue to pursue with future vehicles and which would become something of a Unique Selling Point for the company. The 356 was upgraded significantly during its lifetime, eventually becoming a very good performer and picking up a win at the prestigious Le Mans 24-hour race.


The Le Mans 24-hour race was something of an obsession for the Porsche motor company. It succeeded time and time again with reworkings of its classic 917 design. The 917 boasted beautiful proportions – looking something like a retro-futuristic spacecraft. These exotic vehicles are now incredibly rare and expensive. Owners have to go through specialist ‘sell my Porsche’ brokers to have any chance of finding a buyer willing to part with the massive sums of money that these cars are worth. The 917 was fitted with a monstrous flat 12 engine that gave the vehicle incredible performance. It was not the engine that gave the car its biggest boost but its revolutionary aerodynamics. The 917 redefined racing vehicle aerodynamic design.


Most of the unique design tropes that Porsche fans are familiar with were first cemented on the 911. The large rear spoiler, the rounded headlights, the compact cab – all of these iconic features were present on the 911 when it was released in 1964. Perhaps the greatest of the 911 cars was the fabled RS, a car adapted from a successful Le Mans racing model. The performance of this car made it one of the most sought-after sports vehicles in the world. It still is, to a degree, although largely with classic car enthusiasts. The 911RS was a dream to drive and produced a distinctive low growl when the gas pedal was depressed. Although it might not have been the ultimate sports performer of its age (that honor is usually bestowed upon a certain Ferrari), it was certainly up there with the best and had the incredible looks to boot.

918 Spyder

Porsche was ahead of the curve when it designed the 918 Spyder hypercar. It made use of three motors – two of them electric – and was the first hybrid high-performance vehicle. Electric motors can produce a great deal of torque, which explains why the Spyder was able to reach 60 MPH in under 2.5 seconds. The Spyder smashed Nürburgring records – outperforming all other top-of-the-range vehicles.