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Strategies Of Forex Spread Trading

Strategies Of Forex Spread Trading

The spread is the essential expense in forex trading. Thus traders should always be aware of it. A broader spread means a higher trading cost.

New traders, in particular, should avoid the spread. If you have a small account and take a slightly more prominent position than your account size, the spread may widen, and you may receive a margin call or possibly have your place closed.

The three spread trading approaches and tactics showed below are excellent ways to grasp the fundamentals and ensure that your FX trading is booming.

1.   Make Sure To Go Through Some Essential Factors

Traders should be mindful of the following criteria to minimize high spread expenses associated with a widening spread:

Volatility: Market volatility caused by economic data releases or a breaking news event can cause a spread to widen.

Liquidity: A lack of liquidity in the market can also widen a spread. Liquidity and volatility are two notions that are intertwined. The spreads for illiquid currency pairs, such as emerging market currencies, are notoriously big. Illiquid markets can also cause volatility.

Spreads and the news: Liquidity providers may widen their spreads ahead of a significant news event, such as the announcement of the NFP employment numbers, to mitigate some of the risk associated with the event.

2. Spread Indicator For Forex

The usage of a trading indicator can also help to strengthen a forex spread strategy. The forex spread indicator is usually shown as a curve on a graph to demonstrate the spread’s direction concerning the bid and ask price. It helps visualize the forex pair are spread over time, with tighter spreads on the most liquid pairs and broader spreads on the more exotic pairings.

3. Trading At Different Times Of The Day

Because forex spreads are affected by the time of day, it’s a good idea to consider this into your approach. Due to the enormous amount of trading during the significant market trading periods – London, New York, Sydney, and Tokyo – forex spreads are often at their lowest. Stay updated about the best forex brokers by clicking here South African forex brokers

Traders who trade during these times can benefit from narrower spreads. Spreads can become much more limited when the London and New York sessions overlap.

4. Select Forex Brokers With High Liquidity.

Choosing high liquidity forex pairings is another forex spread trading method that many traders, particularly beginners, use. High liquidity pairs have reduced spreads in normal conditions.

Because they trade in significant volumes, your major currency pairs, the EUR/USD (Euro Dollar), USD/JPY (Dollar Yen), GBP/USD (Pound Dollar), and USD/CHF (Dollar Swiss Franc), will have the lowest spread among all currency pairs.

These currencies do not consistently trade at low spreads due to volatility, liquidity, and news, all of which can cause spreads to widen.


The difference between a currency pair’s bid and ask prices is known as a forex spread, and it is commonly measured in pips, 50 pips a day forex strategy. When trading forex, it’s critical to understand what causes the spread to grow.

When emerging market currencies trade outside of their regular market sessions, they might see vast spreads. When trading developing market currencies, you should change them during their most liquid market hours.

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