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Tester Equipment & RF Drive Test Tools

Sports Stadiums with LTE 4G/5G Tester Equipment & RF Drive Test Tools

A stadium is a place where numerous viewers and sports lovers watch their favourite team playing a match. Fans come to the stadium not only to view their favourite sports football/tennis/rugby/cricket) live but also to share their experiences with their friends and family instantly. Viewers in stadiums demand high data rates for sharing their experiences on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.; massive bandwidth requirements for video and data applications – stable reliable connectivity is required for ticketing, digital signage, and stadium security. Therefore, providing high Quality of Service (QoS) to the stadiums is essential – stadiums must have their network’s robustness to ensure a superior multimedia experience for their fans.

To provide robust in-stadium connectivity, network testing, and monitoring solution is the must-have factor to consider. In this case, RantCell can help you out. Be it with secure wireless access, good network connectivity, and an acceptable user experience, stadiums can now improve reliable connectivity with the help of network measurement tools such as RantCell. So now let us see how stadiums can improve reliable connectivity with User-friendly 5g tester, 5G test equipment, 5g network tester tools and User-friendly RF drive test tools & equipment, RF tester software app & network LTE 4g tester .

Smart Stadiums

Smart stadiums are a new yet popular concept – possible because of 5G wireless connectivity capabilities. Smart stadiums use 5G that not only to experience real-time viewing facilities virtually but also to improve physical security within the venue, sharing live sports experiences with others through social media networks in real-time plus interacting with their favorite team digitally, and enable new services that benefit the venue owner. Smart stadiums use many sensors, cameras, and digital signs that connect to wireless networks, which can further allow up-to-date information on available parking, lines at concessions stands, and in-stadium merchandise pricing. The smart stadium can provide venue owners to streamline maintenance, improve profitability, and premium fan services.

Benefits –

Fan Experience: –

  • In-stadium navigation: It can provide accurate directions to various areas in the stadium thereby becoming much easier for stadium management to provide a better customer experience for sports fans.
  • Order from your seat: This option refers to contactless menus so that stadiums can leave a QR code on the seats and customers can then scan the QR code, browse a menu, place their order, and pay from their phone.

Infrastructure Management: –

  • Facilities management and resource allocation: With AI-enabled cameras, stadium management can monitor the movement of the crowd on the premises such as the total number of viewers and employees present in the venue, region of high and low traffic, occupancy details of booths, etc.
  • Parking management: AI-enabled solutions in smart parking spaces are capable of recognizing number plates and identifying vehicles.
  • Smart seating: Smart seating solutions allow stadiums to offer a custom seat map for any type of stadium after considering venue capacity, and the legal number of attendees that stadiums are allowed to hold.

Marketing And Advertising: –

  • Smart ticketing: With the smart ticketing option, interested viewers of sports can use e-tickets to enter stadiums by presenting their e-tickets upon arrival, being scanned in, and then heading straight to their seats.
  • Crowd analytics: Enhance fan experience by understanding crowds’ physical behaviours to emotional patterns to enhance business operations.


Private 5G gives stadiums more power to control their cellular networks, and property owners more control over their budget, cellular resources, and service levels. Further, private 5G networks have low latency and high throughput for critical use cases that enable pervasive wireless coverage across smart stadiums. To maintain stable 5G/4G network coverage, private 5G in stadiums need continuous testing and measurement. To meet such requirements in stadiums, you can use RantCell which is a mobile-based network testing solution that will measure the network to provide robust wireless coverage for the convenience of sports viewers as well as stadium management.

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