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sony x91j review

Sony X91J Review – What’s So Great About the X91J?

In this Sony X91J review, we’ll examine its features, pricing, and image quality. We’ll also talk about FreeSync support. But what’s so great about the X91J? Read on to learn more about this great new smart TV. After all, it’s a great place to start your next movie project. And if you’re still not sure which model to buy, consider our list of pros and cons of the X91J.


Designed to complement the home entertainment experience of today’s modern consumers, the Sony X91J features a large display with excellent picture quality. It also has built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. Through the Google TV, you can stream movies and other internet-based content. With a HDMI port, you can connect an additional device like a smartphone or a tablet. This television supports screen mirroring for an easy and convenient way to show off your favorite content on the big screen. The Vewd web browser is also available on the Google Play store for easy access to standard websites.

With an XR cognitive chip and 4K 120Hz display, the Sony X91J boasts an impressive display. It also features HDMI 2.1 for next-generation gaming. Besides this, it also has built-in Google Assistant. Thanks to its HDR capabilities, this TV offers superb contrast, as well as a wide color gamut for a more vivid picture. For those who like watching movies and TV shows, this TV supports Dolby Vision and supports Netflix.

The Sony X91J supports HDR and Dolby Vision, along with Netflix calibration mode. The company’s proprietary X-Motion Clarity technology also keeps the screen at peak brightness while other motion rate enhancement technologies dim the screen. Acoustic Surface Audio delivers audio through the screen, making the experience as immersive as possible. Its sound system is also incredibly loud, so you’ll never want to turn it down.

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With a 4K HDR display and an X1 4K HDR Processor, the newest smart Sony TV delivers realistic contrast and super-bright images. Its enhanced Motionflow technology and Google TV also help you enjoy next-gen games. Available in a variety of sizes, the X91J is an excellent option for all your entertainment needs. Here are a few reasons to choose this model:

The X91J is equipped with a powerful 85-inch LED display that boasts four times the resolution of 1080p. It incorporates X-Motion Clarity technology to reduce the possibility of blurring during fast-moving scenes. You can also enjoy a wide color gamut and enhanced brightness, and even play standard websites. You can save up to $1000 on this smart TV. Sony is currently offering an 85-inch model of the X91J for less than $2000 on Amazon.

The X91J is equipped with a 4K HDR Processor, which powers super-bright images with a high-definition contrast ratio. It is compatible with Apple TV and Google TV, as well as Bluetooth and WiFi for streaming content. Moreover, it has a built-in Google Assistant and supports streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. And as for size, it comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 42 inches to 90 inches.

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Image quality

Although the Sony X91J is not as good as the TCL and the IMAX, it still provides excellent image quality for most applications. The contrast ratio and black uniformity are exceptional, and the overall picture quality is consistent. The Sony X91J also offers VRR support and a quick response time. In our tests, HDR content looked fantastic, and details in near-black areas looked natural. In addition, the Sony X91J had decent reflection handling, which was important when watching movies in bright rooms.

The Sony X91J’s color gamut is impressive for HDR content. It has a higher color saturation compared to last year’s X900H, and it performs similarly to the TCL 6Series in side-by-side comparisons. The color gamut is also wider, and the image appears richer and more vibrant. The Sony X91J also supports HDR formats, including Dolby Vision, which guarantees excellent contrast when displaying high-contrast images.

Compared to the X90J, the Sony X91J offers four times the resolution of 1080p. It is equipped with an 85-inch LED display and incorporates Sony’s X-Motion Clarity technology, which reduces the blurring effect of fast-moving images. Its color gamut is also wider than that of other brands, and its contrast is excellent. While this is a good choice for casual gaming, this TV is not a replacement for a high-end PC monitor.

FreeSync support

The Xperia Z5 offers two 4K 120fps HDMI inputs, which is more than enough for most gaming needs. It will also support Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency compliance in the future. The Z5 is equipped with two USB ports and Ethernet connectivity. It also features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. But Sony has not confirmed its support for FreeSync. The new Xperia Z5 could be released as a PS5 Pro later in the year, though the PS5 Pro doesn’t yet.

The picture quality of the Sony X91J is very good, especially compared to the X900H from last year. It’s not as good as the TCL 6-Series, but it came close in our side-by-side comparison tests. The X90J provides great contrast for both standard and HDR content, and the screen has excellent shadow detail. While the X91J doesn’t quite match the performance of TCL and Hisense 65U8G, it still manages to deliver solid performance.

The X91J is also better than the Samsung Q80A, despite its lower resolution. Both displays are fully Dolby Vision compatible and support all major HDR formats. However, the Q80A doesn’t have quantum dots, but its native 120Hz refresh rate is enough for watching movies and video. The Samsung Q80a boasts a better user interface than its competitor’s Android TV OS. Apart from that, both TVs are well-equipped with many streaming services.

X-wide angle

A good X-wide angle TV should be able to deliver the quality that you expect from a high-end model. The Sony X91J doesn’t have this feature, but it does offer other notable features. This television has a new antireflective coating that reduces point light scattering horizontally. Its picture quality is good, but the contrast and colour can drop when you’re not looking at the screen directly. The X91J’s contrast and colour can be enhanced with a new XR Contrast Booster. The X-Wide Angle feature is also useful, as does the Smart Assistant features.

The Sony X90J performed better than its predecessor, the X900H. However, it didn’t match the TCL 6-Series or the Hisense 65U8G in side-by-side comparisons. Although the X91J didn’t top the TCL or Hisense, it did deliver a high-end picture with excellent contrast. Ultimately, the Sony X90J is a very good performer that’s worth the price tag.

As far as color accuracy performance goes, the Sony X91J does a good job. While the first two HDMI inputs are basic, the third and fourth work with HDMI 2.1 features. This technology allows you to watch 4K videos at 120 frames per second and also enjoy enhanced audio return channel. Its wide-angle design allows you to get an even closer look at the details of your subject.

Local dimming

The Sony X91J is equipped with local dimming, which helps to enhance image quality and contrast ratio. Local dimming is most effective when the TV is equipped with a Full Array design, which consists of a wide array of LEDs. Full Array TVs offer a wide range of colors and higher precision than edge-lit models. While edge-lit local dimming is less expensive than Full Array models, it is not as accurate and precise as Full Array dimming. Therefore, if you want to buy a cheaper television with local dimming, look for a flat panel with an edge-lit design.

As the cheapest TV in Sony’s 2021 lineup, the X91J uses full-array local dimming, which uses individual LEDs to illuminate different zones of the screen independently. This feature boosts contrast and provides a sharper image than other models. However, Sony hasn’t disclosed how many zones the X91J has, and this is not always a sign of a better TV.

Local dimming on the Sony X91J makes blacks look more rich compared to dark backgrounds. But you need to be careful when using this feature, as it can result in blooming and lost details. A poor dimming signal may cause your blacks to look less rich and the contrast to look too harsh. It can also affect the image quality, as it causes bright objects to appear too bright.

Game functions

If you’re looking for a new set of gaming speakers, the Sony X91J might be the perfect fit. This television includes built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity to help you connect to the internet and download your favorite apps. This set also supports screen mirroring, so you can play games on your computer while watching them on your television. It also supports the latest games, so you can experience all the fun of the PlayStation®4 system with the Sony x91j.

The X91J features a 4K HDR picture that delivers a more vibrant and lifelike image. The TV’s X-tended Dynamic Range (XDR) technology also helps you enjoy next-generation gaming. XDR technology works to adjust brightness to produce more detailed blacks in the shadows, which means you can see every detail of the game. The X-tended Dynamic Range also means that you won’t miss any of the game’s peaks.

Another great feature of the Sony X91j is its design. The amber gold base and frame are both designed to satisfy the aesthetic needs of Chinese users. The frame is made using an integrated seamless process to provide a sense of grade. The screen is narrowed down to create a higher proportion of the screen, and the XR cognitive chip enhances picture and sound quality. Sony has also made this TV available on the JD platform, so you can get your hands on it now.

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