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Sony WH-H910N Headphones Review

You may want to buy the Sony WH-H910N headphones if you are looking for a pair of premium headphones that are compatible with your mobile device. These headphones feature numerous features that make them an excellent choice for music and movie lovers. For example, they support the Google Fast Pair feature, which lets you find lost headphones through the Find My Device app. In addition, the WH-H910N headphones can also activate Siri and the Google App, which is useful for controlling the music. You can also use the Sony Headphones Connect app to tweak equalizer settings and choose from surround sound presets.

Sound quality

The Sony WH-H910N headphones have good imaging performance, although they fall a bit short in the treble range. The mid-range is largely flat, with some small dips in the low-mid range. The low-treble response is also uneven, with some bumps in the low-mid range. Overall, sound quality is good for this price range, but the fit and positioning will make or break your listening experience.

The WH-H910N wireless headphones’ sound quality is a little disappointing for those who are looking for a wide soundstage. Although the soundstage is wide and the bass is quite low, the headphones don’t seem to project the music as wide as some open-back headphones do. However, they do have the unique feature of being compatible with Sony’s Headphones Connect companion app. You can customize the sound of your headphones by using the app and using the graphic EQ to adjust treble and bass levels.

The Sony WH-H910N wireless headphones have a tripartite connection system. Bluetooth 5.0 is the most preferred option, and it can maintain a connection even when placed 10 meters apart. They also support NFC. If you prefer wired headphones, there’s also a 3.5 mm jack included in the package. Nevertheless, we don’t recommend purchasing this pair for the price they carry.

Compared to its bigger cousin, the Sony WH-H910N headphones are slightly cheaper than the WH-1000XM3, but the latter is still an excellent buy if you’re looking for a pair that doesn’t break the bank. While the Sony WH-H910N’s price is comparable to that of the WH-1000XM3, it offers more features, including higher battery life. It also features a quick charge feature, enabling you to get 2.5 hours of playback after just ten minutes of charging.

The Sony WH-H910N headphones are great for audiophiles, who want the best sound quality from their headphones. The integrated microphone helps isolate speech from background noise. However, the sound image may be concentrated, which can make it difficult to understand the other person’s voice in moderately noisy surroundings. This is where the noise cancellation feature comes into play. And the WH-H910N’s noise cancelling feature comes in handy.

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Frequency response consistency

The Sony WH-H910N headphones are an excellent option for a variety of reasons. They have a neutral sound that is a bit boomy, but otherwise have excellent bass and mid-range accuracy. The only complaint is their treble response, which is inconsistent, but remains very good. They are compatible with the Sony Headphones Connect companion app, which features graphic EQ and audio presets.

The Sony WH-H910N has a conventional over-ear design with slightly rounded ear cups. The plastic housing is dense and comfortable, and features new silicone cushions on the headband to prevent creases and provide more comfort. In addition, they are more durable and protected against noise and vibrations than other models. In addition to being comfortable, the Sony WH-H910N has been redesigned with improved noise isolation.

The Sony WH-H910N has a good Bluetooth connectivity. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC. However, it doesn’t support multi-device pairing, so you must use one device for calls and audio. Wireless latency is high, so these headphones perform better on mobile devices. While the Sony WH-H910N’s bass is solid, it lacks clarity in higher frequencies.

The Sony WH-H910N/h.ear on 3 headphones offer excellent noise cancellation and a range of adjustment options. In addition, they can last for a long time on a single charge. Additionally, they come with a USB charging cable and a detachable standard audio cord. Although they are lightweight, the WH-H910N/h.ear on 3 headphones have a great audio interface, although they fall short when it comes to isolating your voice from the background noise.

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Imaging performance

If you are looking for a pair of headphones that offer great audio performance with an impressive high-resolution capability, the Sony WH-H910N headphones are the perfect choice. These headphones feature an impressively clear audio signature, and their battery life is quite impressive. These headphones can last about thirty to forty hours of continuous music playback, depending on usage and noise cancellation settings. Sony also rated their headphones for long battery life, at thirty or more hours when used with their active noise cancellation feature.

The WH-H910N headphones offer decent imaging performance. They have a relatively low group delay, which is below audible threshold, and tight bass. L/R drivers are well-matched, ensuring a balanced stereo image. The WH-H910N headphones have small bumps in their phase response, which are not audible at higher volumes. The frequency response is also fairly accurate, but there is some slight mismatch in the lower midrange.

Noise cancellation system

The Sony WH-H910N noise cancellation system is equipped with dual microphones that are capable of generating negative reproductions of ambient sounds. It uses three different modes that are tuned to the environment, letting you adjust the music experience based on your listening preferences. While the noise cancellation is close to the 1000XM3’s noise-cancelling capabilities, it isn’t as effective.

The Sony WH-H910N uses Bluetooth 5 for wireless connectivity, and NFC for wired connectivity. It uses a 25mm dynamic driver with a frequency response of 5-40,000Hz. The ANC feature is effective for most situations, including everyday noise and heavy noises. The WH-H910N’s price is currently less than PS200, which makes it a great buy for anyone on a budget.

The WH-H910N’s design is sleek and comfortable. It’s reminiscent of other Sony over-ear headphones, and its programmable buttons and touch-sensitive surface are easy to operate. Using the WH-H910N is easy and comfortable to wear, with its lightweight design reducing fatigue. And because it’s compatible with your phone’s microphone, you can use it to control ambient sound with your voice.

The noise cancellation system works with the 1000XM3 signature. It cancels over 70% of the ambient sound around you. Similarly, listening to music with the volume at 50% of the volume cancels out all the noise from metro trains and metro stations. The headphones also have a feature known as adaptive sound control, which automatically adjusts the level of noise cancellation for a more immersive audio experience. And as long as you’re using compatible audio files, you’ll be good to go.

The Sony WH-H910N noise-canceling headphones are part of the Consumer Reports testing program. They’re rated based on multiple criteria, including sound quality and detail. In terms of audio quality, these categories represent tonal accuracy, ambience, and dynamics, while noise reduction relates to how effectively a headphone reduces background noise. These ratings are useful for comparing noise-canceling headphones.

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