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Skip Tracing Real Estate: What It Is, How To Do It, Why You Should

 Sometimes, life throws us curveballs. For example, you might have to move out of your home for a time because of a job or family situation. Or, perhaps you are waiting for your house to sell before you can buy the one that’s right for you. In this case, it may be difficult to stay in contact with your tenant about who is living there. That’s where skip tracing real estate comes in. It’ll help make sure that your house is being taken care of while you are away and it will also give you peace of mind knowing that someone is looking after it while it sits on the market.

What Is Skip Tracing?

Before you start using skip tracing real estate, you will want to learn about the process of placing and removing occupants in your house. From there, you can begin to learn about skip tracing to find tenants that are in your home.

When tenants are added to a property, their name and information are entered into the national (NICS) National Instant Criminal Background Check System. This is a free service available to every buyer or seller. Most buyers and sellers use this to screen buyers and sellers. If you have to sell, you might be hesitant to sell or hire a Realtor until you get the screening results to make sure you are not selling or hiring a person with a criminal background.

How Do You Do It?

By doing a simple search for “Skip Tracing New York” on Google, you can find thousands of listings for skip tracing companies in your area. You can type in just the city of your city or a word like “skip tracing” and you will find listings of professional companies that specialize in the procedure. If you are unsure of what skip tracing is, just visit your local Better Business Bureau website. They can walk you through the process for free and get you started.

Skip tracing begins by verifying the address of the person who is living there. This is usually done in person or by a phone call. You can also use an online check or by using the fingerprint scanner on the rental agreement or contract to verify that the tenant is living in the home.

Why Should You Use It?

Thanks to the Internet, you can now skip trace anywhere you like. Some ways to do this include following the flight of someone on Twitter, looking through LinkedIn for a person with the same name as the homeowner and applying for jobs in their industry. Other than it being an effective way to help your clients, it’s also a useful tool for emergency situations where a property you own is gone, or a loved one is seriously injured or sick. You will be able to go into immediate action right away. You can even set up a system with your agent so that every time they show your house for a showing, you receive an alert with the pictures of the people in your house and the latest information about who they are.


In a world where communication can be so easy to lose, skip tracing real estate has never been more relevant. It can help you make sure that your tenants are abiding by your rules and it can help you make sure that your home is being kept safe for the time you are away. Whether you need a break or you are simply looking to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth, skip tracing real estate can give you both.



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