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20 most powerful militaries

Ranked: The 20 most powerful militaries

The 20 most powerful militaries


Budget: $15.7 billion
Personnel on the frontline active Active frontline personnel
Tanks: 181
Total aircraft: 420
Submarines: 4

Canada came in at last spot due to its small number of active troops and its absence of aircraft carriers or attack helicopters, as well as its limited number of submarines and tanks. Yet, Canada has still taken part in US operations in Afghanistan and Iraq and is an active member of the NATO military alliance.

Canada has also been a member of Canada is also a partner in the US F-35 program however it is likely to not acquisition of F-35s based on the outcome of elections that take place in October.

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Budget: $6.9 billion
Frontline personnel active Active frontline personnel
Tanks: 468
Total aircraft: 405
Submarines: 2

The Indonesian military is ranked above Canada because of its large numbers of active personnel as well as its huge amount of tanks. The militaryhowever has a shortage of aircraft carriers and aircrafts in addition to small numbers of submarines.


Budget: $40.2 billion
Active frontline personnel: 179.046
Tanks: 408
Total aircraft: 663
Submarines: 4

The German military was ranked low on the list because of their absence of projection systems for power. Germany isn’t equipped with an aircraft carrier, and also has small submarines, which in accordance with Credit Suisse’s Credit Suisse methodology, drops its position.

However, Germany has a good amount of attack helicopters. Recently, it begun to think about offering support in the military to the eastern European NATO participants.


Budget: $9.4 billion
Frontline personnel active 120,000
Tanks: 1,009
Total aircraft: 467
Submarines: 5

Poland beats out Germany in the rankings due to its higher quantity of tanks as well as a larger submarine fleet. Poland is also significantly increased the amount of money it spends on military due to Russia’s takeover of Crimea and the ongoing Ukraine crisis.



Budget: $5.39 billion
Frontline personnel in active service 36,000
Tanks: 722
Total aircraft: 573
Submarines: 0

The Thai military is currently in charge over the nation following an uprising that took place in May 2014. The military is an important participant in ensuring Thai unity. Thailand has received high scores by Credit Suisse for its number of active personnel, its quantity of tanks, as well as its possessing an air carrier.

Thailand is also a top performer because it also has the capability of a carrier for aircraft, even though it isn’t equipped with an aircraft fleet that can complement the vessel.


Budget: $26.1 billion
Frontline personnel active 58,000
Tanks: 59
Total aircraft: 408
Submarines: 6

The Australian military is tiny. It gets lowest scores in the report on the number of active soldiers and the amount of tanks. It also gets near-bottom scores for the amount of aircraft within its arsenal.

Credit Suisse boosts Australia’s ranking because of its submarines and attack helicopters but.


Budget: $17.7B
Frontline personnel active 160,000
Tanks: 4,170
Total aircraft: 684
Submarines: 5

In terms of absolutes, Israel has a small military. However, with the obligatory military service an overwhelming portion part of Israeli population is ready for war. Due to its history of being in a war zone with aggressive neighboring countries, Israel also has a huge aircraft, tank and attack helicopters.

Israel also has a number of advantages in the military. It also has the space resources modern fighter aircrafts modern drones that are armed with the latest technology and nukes.


Budget: $10.7 billion
Frontline employees in active service: 290,000
Tanks: 2,005
Total aircraft: 804
Submarines: 4

Afraid by China that remains to have plans to take over the country and conquer it, Tawain has focused its military developments on defensive strategies. This is why the island is home to the fifth-highest number of helicopters used for attack on the rankings. The island also has a vast fleet of aircrafts as well as several tanks.


Budget: $4.4 billion
Active frontline personnel Active frontline personnel
Tanks: 4,624
Total aircraft: 1,107
Submarines: 4

Its Egyptian military is among the largest and oldest militaries within the Middle East. They receives large amounts of financial aid by the US and boasts the fifth-largest tanks in all of the world. It includes more than 1000 M1A1 Abrams tanks, many of which are stored and have never seen use.

Egypt additionally has significant air force.


Budget $7 billion
Frontline personnel active Active frontline personnel
Tanks: 2,924
Total aircraft: 914
Submarines: 8

It is believed that the Pakistani military is among the largest in the world with regards to current personnel. Credit Suisse also credits the country with having a large tank, aircraft and helicopters for attack.

Furthermore, Pakistan is thought to build nukes at a quick enough pace to possess the world’s third-largest arsenal of nuclear weapons within the next decade.


Budget: $18.2 billion
Frontline employees in active service: 410,500
Tanks: 3,778
Total aircraft: 1,020
Submarines: 13

The Turkish army is among the biggest in the east Mediterranean. Even though they don’t have an aircraft carrier the list of countries is a bit limited. Only five that are listed by Credit Suisse’s list possess the same number of submarines as Turkey.

Additionally, the country is home to an enormously large tank fleet as well as many attack helicopters and aircraft.

Turkey is also an active participant of the F-35 program.

United Kingdom

Budget: $60.5 billion
Active frontline personnel: 146.980
Tanks: 407
Total aircraft: 936
Submarines: 10

While the UK plans to cut its amount of its military by 20 percent between 2010 and 2018 It is still being able project its influence around the globe.

The Royal Navy is planning to place on the HMS Queen Elizabeth, an aircraft carrier with the capacity of a flight deck that is 4.5 acres, in service in 2020. It will be carrying 40 F-35B Joint Strike Fighters around the world.


Budget of $34 billion
Frontline personnel in active service 320,000
Tanks: 586
Total aircraft: 760
Submarines: 6

The Italian military scored highly in the report of Credit Suisse due to the presence of two operational carrier aircrafts. These carriers, as well as the country’s comparatively massive attack helicopter and submarine fleets, dramatically improved Italy’s rank.

South Korea

Budget: $62.3 billion
Frontline personnel active Total number of active frontline personnel
Tanks: 2,381
Total aircraft: 1,412
Submarines: 13

South Korea has been left with no choice but to be armed with a huge well-equipped military event of a North Korean aggression. With these facts in mind, South Korea has a number of attack helicopters, submarines and active personnel.

There are also a lot of tanks as well as the sixth-largest air force in the world.


Budget: $62.3 billion
Frontline personnel active Active frontline personnel
Tanks: 423
Total aircraft: 1,264
Submarines: 10

The French military is tiny, yet highly educated and professional. They are also capable of directing force.

The country boasts the newly built plane transporter known as the Charles de Gaulleand France regularly participates in military missions across Africa to aid in stabilizing governments and to fight extremism.


Budget of $50B
Frontline personnel active Active frontline personnel
Tanks: 6,464
Total aircraft: 1,905
Submarines: 15

India is among the most powerful military powers in the world. It has the highest level of active army of any nation apart from China as well as the US and also the biggest arsenal of aircraft and tanks of any other country, excluding those of the US, China, or Russia.

India also is able to use nuclear weapons. The country is expected to become the fourth-highest military spending nation in the world by 2020.


Budget: $41.6 billion
Frontline personnel active 247,173
Tanks: 678
Total aircraft: 1,613
Submarines: 16

In terms of absolute size in terms of size, it is clear that the Japanese military is tiny. Yet, Japan is well-equipped.

As per Credit Suisse, it has the fourth-largest submarine fleet on the world. Japan is also home to four air carriers however, they are not fitted by helicopters.

Japan is also home to the fourth-largest attack helicopter fleet after China, Russia, and the US.


Budget $216 billion
Frontline personnel active 2333,000
Tanks: 9,150
Total aircraft: 2,860
Submarines: 67

The Chinese military has been growing rapidly in terms of capacity and size in the last few years. In terms of manpower, it’s the biggest army in the world. It is also home to the second largest tank fleet, second only to Russia and the second-largest submarine fleet, second only to the US.

China have also taken huge progress in its modernization plan, which is now advancing various potentially game-changing technological advancements in the field of military technology, such as ballistic missiles as well as fifth-generation aircraft.


Budget: $84.5 billion
Active frontline personnel: 766.055.
Tanks: 15,398
Total aircraft: 3,429
Submarines: 55

The Russian army is the second-largest militarily powerful in the entire world. Russia is home to the world’s most extensive tank arsenal, second-largest aircraft fleet, behind the US and has the third largest submarine fleet after China and the US in addition to China.

The Kremlin’s budget for military expenditures has grown by nearly 33% in the past year and are predicted to increase 44% over the next three years. Russia has also shown its capability to send the force overseas through its the deployment of troops to Syria.

United States

Budget 601 billion
Frontline personnel active 1.400,000
Tanks: 8,848
Total aircraft: 13,892
Submarines: 72

Despite sequestration , and other cuts to spending in the past, it is the United States spends more money ($601 billion) on defense than the other nine countries on the Credit Suisse index.

America’s most significant conventional military advantage lies in its 10 , aircraft carriers. By contrast, India is is building the third of its carriers is home to the second largest number of carriers in the world.

The US also has the largest number of aircrafts of any nation, the most cutting-edge technology , such as the new rail gun for the Navy as well as a huge and well-trained army of soldierswhich isn’t including the world’s most powerful nuclear arsenal.


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