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Flat On Rent

Questions That Must Be Cleared Before Finally Taking The Flat On Rent

Either for a better job opportunity or higher education, the rate at which people are moving to other states across the country is rapidly increasing. The foremost step that we take after moving to a new city is searching for a place to live. Usually, people look for rental flats since they are the most convenient accommodation for the new migrant. However, students prefer taking single rooms for rent in Delhi. Renting involves a rental agreement between two parties over a flat. The chances of occurrence of future conflicts are quite likely if the tenant does not clear terms and clauses before signing the final agreement.

The following content discusses questions that the tenant must clear with the landlord to make his stay in the rental house smooth and prosperous.

 What Has Been Covered Under The Rental Amount?

The most important fact to get cleared about is whether the rental amount covers facilities other than basics or not. Well, most of the time we end up taking the flat after hearing the rental amount. We believe whatever the amount has been quoted is under our budget and make the final decision. But what if the quoted amount is for the basics only and the tenant has to pay extra for the parking, water, and other facilities. The inclusion of all such facilities to the basic amount can make it go beyond the targeted budget. Henceforth, the tenant must ask the landlord if the amount he mentioned includes other facilities or it is just for the basics. Such a question would help to stay within the limits of the budget.

What Would Be The Due Date And How Should I Pay For The Rent?

Another important question that needs to be asked by the landlord is when the tenant should make the rental payment each month and how? Usually, the landlord sets the due date for rental payment the day when the tenant moved into the flat. The tenant will be supposed to pay the rent on the same day of each month. It depends on the landlord’s discretion what cut-off date he wants to set. Such information is crucial on the part of the tenant as the nonpayment of the rent by the due date can lead to a penalty by the landlord. The tenant should also ask about the mode of payment.

Will I Get Security Deposits Refund?

The landlords usually keep a certain amount as a security deposit. This is a collateral amount that the landlord can use in events when the previous tenants left the property damaged. Some tenants could not keep the property intact and they leave the rental flat with lots of damages requiring maintenance. In such cases, this money will help the landlord to cover the expenses of damages. The tenant is supposed to know how much will the landlord keep the amount as security. Will he give back the entire amount if the property left the tenant turns out to be intact?

How Much Is The Notice Period?

Since some landlords have a rental amount as their only source of income, so they need to give the tenant a specific notice period for vacating and house. During this period, the landlord will try hard to find another tenant for the property. This time is also used for arranging the payments for the security deposit. So, the landlord must specify the notice period. Or else the tenant should ask and get himself out of any unwanted trouble that may occur in the future.

Does The Tenant Have To Pay A Penalty For Not Fulfilling The Agreement?

In the case when the tenant is unable to fulfill the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, he may be asked to pay a certain amount as a penalty. The case could be any. It could be nonpayment of rental amount on time, moving out of the rental property without giving notice, etc. So, it is important that the tenant first get himself cleared about the certain amount which would be charged as a penalty. Knowing certain questions would not be left you shocked instead the tenant would be in a position to manage his finances accordingly

Are There Any Restrictions For The Flat Entry?

In India, it is quite common to have restrictions when it comes to taking a place on rent. Some people are opposed to keeping a pet in the flat. Some are against nonvegetarian food items. Tenants who take a single room on rent in Delhi may have to face restrictions such as inviting guests of another gender, smoking, partying, etc. Therefore, the tenant must get this clause clear before taking the final decision of renting the place. It is always better to stay clear and avoid any future conflict.

These are the few questions that must be settled down between the two parties before heading forward and enclosing the whole agreement. Having clarity about different clauses makes the relationship between the parties harmonious.

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