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hp deskjet 4155e

HP DeskJet 4155e Printer Review

HP 4155e printer requires frequent maintenance. This model features a narrow access door and a small number of physical buttons. There are no shortcuts to important functions on the printer’s small display. The vertical and side viewing angles of the display are good. Overall, HP 4155e is a good printer for most office environments. Its price is also competitive with similar products. But if you’re worried about frequent maintenance, you should consider other models.


The HP DeskJet 4155e is an all-in-one color inkjet printer with average speed and quality. It can print mediocre photos and a range of documents, but its scan quality and color gamut are less than stellar. The HP DeskJet 4155e also lacks borderless printing and an automatic document feeder. Compared to its competitors, the HP DeskJet 4155e costs more to operate but produces more attractive photos.

Despite its affordable price, the HP 4155e lacks some key features that are important to home users. The photo quality is only average, and it tends to crop edges when printing large photos. It also doesn’t support borderless printing, which means it produces unevenly bordered images. In addition, it sets small images to one corner rather than the center, which is less desirable. However, the HP Deskjet 4155e has a mobile app and an easy-to-use website.

HP DeskJet 4155e printer features basic color printing features and a mobile faxing feature. It also features a 35-page automatic document feeder, HP+ smart printing system, self-reset, and dual-band WiFi for greater accessibility. In addition, it’s compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, which makes it more versatile. It is also compatible with smart phones. Although there are a few differences in the design, overall performance and reliability are solid.

The HP DeskJet 4155e has an excellent flatbed scanner. Its auto document feeder doesn’t support duplex scanning, so you must flip your documents after scanning one side. This printer is slow, but its software-based OCR makes it easier to convert documents into searchable PDFs. With these features, you’ll be able to make quality prints, without spending a fortune. However, the HP DeskJet 4155e is still a solid choice for family printing.

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The HP DeskJet 4155e printer features a flatbed scanner with an automatic document feeder. It lacks duplex scanning, so you have to flip your document over to scan the other side. It also produces mediocre photo prints and does not support borderless printing. While its price may be tempting, the HP DeskJet 4155e is not worth the hype. This printer is more suitable for users who need basic color printing for personal or business use.

The HP 4155e printer has a limited set of features. It’s not very easy to install software. The access door is narrow, and it only has seven physical buttons. Its display isn’t very colorful, with a small icon LCD that has poor side and vertical viewing angles. If you’re going to use the printer often, you should invest in an HP XP driver. Otherwise, you’ll have a tough time finding an alternative.

The HP Deskjet 4155e offers a variety of features, including a 35-page auto feeder, worry-free wireless and HP+. HP+ is an exclusive benefits program, and it requires an HP account, an internet connection, and original HP ink cartridges. It uses dynamic security to protect sensitive documents. Firmware updates may be required periodically. The printer only works with original HP ink cartridges.

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HP’s Limited Warranty Statement covers the products manufactured by the company for the specified period of time, starting from the date of purchase. This warranty is not transferable, and it only applies if the product does not function in accordance with programming instructions. HP does not warrant error-free or uninterrupted operation. A copy of the Limited Warranty Statement can be obtained from an authorized HP service facility or importer. The warranty contract outlines specific legal rights for the buyer, and differs from state to state in the United States, province-to-province in Canada, and country-to-country elsewhere in the world.

Typical inkjet printer maintenance is required for this printer, and it requires frequent cartridge replacements. It also risks printhead clogging. It operates properly within a wide range of temperatures, from fifteen to 35 degrees Celsius. In addition to frequent cartridge replacements, the HP Deskjet 4155e requires regular printhead alignment and smear cleaning. However, users should not expect this warranty to last very long.

HP’s Deskjet 4155e is a color inkjet printer that can print basic color documents and forms, as well as scan and print documents from mobile devices. While it comes with an HP+ subscription, it also features a flatbed scanner and an automatic document feeder for scanning documents and photos. Although the printer performs well in many respects, it falls short in others. It prints substandard documents, has poor color accuracy, and is not borderless.

The HP DeskJet 4155e printer is not a perfect printer for home use, but if you need a printer for a home office, it’s a solid choice. Its flatbed scanner has a decent resolution, but it doesn’t detect edges in documents. This results in margins on scanned photos. It delivers a relatively poor cost-per-print, but it comes with HP+ and HP Instant Ink subscriptions.


Inkjet printers tend to need frequent maintenance and frequent cartridge replacements, but HP’s new 4155e is a worthy addition to any home or small office. Although it’s not a great machine for high volume use, it is still easy to maintain and has a simple design, including a narrow access door and just seven physical buttons. The display is a simple icon LCD, but it does offer good vertical and side views.

The HP DeskJet 4155e price is very similar to the DeskJet 4155 Plus, but the HP DeskJet 4155e comes with an HP+ subscription and six months of free ink. It also comes with a flatbed scanner and automatic document feeder for scanning various media types. Unfortunately, while this printer performs admirably in many ways, it also falls short in other areas. Its color gamut is narrow and its color accuracy is low, and it produces mediocre photos. It doesn’t even support borderless printing.

Although the HP DeskJet 4155e is an affordable color laser printer, it falls short on photo quality. It has a limited color gamut, which means that scanned images don’t look as good as physical photos. Additionally, it produces mediocre photos and has trouble with dark blues and smooth transitions. Ultimately, it’s a disappointing printer for a home office. However, if you don’t plan to use it for professional purposes, this printer might be perfect for your needs.

The HP DeskJet 4155e offers decent photo quality for its low price. It is small and compact, but it does lack a duplex feature and a mobile app for easy operation. It has good color cost-per-print, and six months of HP Instant Ink for free. However, its operating costs are high. It isn’t a good buy if you rarely print but still need high-quality photo prints.

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