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How To Choose The Most Suitable THC Vape Pen For You?

THC vape pens have received immense popularity in recent years because of their ability to impart therapeutic benefits. Many people also use THC Vape pens for recreational purposes as THC helps uplift mood by inducing a euphoric sensation and relieving stress and anxiety. With its rising demand, manufacturers have different kinds of THC vape pens to meet the diverse needs of their customers. Choosing a suitable THC vape pen from the numerous options can be daunting to newbies. This article will explore how you can choose the most suitable THC vape pen for yourself.

Things to Consider While Buying THC Vape Pen?

With hundreds of options available in the market, buying THC vape pens can be confusing for first-timers. Here are a few things you should consider before buying THC vape pens.

  1. Control

For an enriched vaping experience, we recommend buying vape pens with regulators instead of those without regulators. The ability to control the heating temperature makes THC vape pens more popular than other THC products like edible oils, tinctures, and gummies. Most THC vape pens have a regulator that allows you to heat the vape oil at a controlled temperature. This prevents the THC from burning and preserves the integrity of the chemical components of the THC oil. The regulator also helps you adjust the throat hit.

  1. Comfort

Vaping is a relaxing activity, and thus, your comfort is of utmost importance. While buying THC vape pens, ensure you are comfortable with the throat hit and strength produced by the device. THC vape pens with conduction heating produce a powerful and intense throat hit. On the other hand, THC vape pens with convection heating deliver a smoother, balanced hit that is not harsh on the throat.

Which THC Vape Pen Should You Buy?

According to Heating Method:

THC vape pens also differ depending upon how the devices work. For vaping, the THC vape oil inside the vape pen needs to be heated at a controlled temperature. Usually, vape pens heat the THC vape oil using one of the three methods: Conduction, Convection, and a hybrid of both these methods.

  • Conduction: Most THC vape pens use this method to heat the THC vape oil. This process heats the vape oil by direct contact. This process is quicker and produces intense throat hits and toasty tasting vapors. If you don’t like to wait, this is the vape pen you should opt for.
  • Convection: Vape pens with a convection heating system heat the THC vape oil by raising the temperature of the air that passes through and over it. As the THC vape oil is not heated directly, the vapor produced is not harsh to the lungs. But, the process is time-taking, and you would have to wait a while for your vape pen to be ready.
  • Hybrid: The hybrid heating method uses both convection and conduction heating. The convection part of the system helps maintain a balanced temperature without overheating the vape oil. The conduction part of the hybrid heating system helps jump-start the THC vape pen. THC vape pens with this heating system get activated rapidly and produce rich, smooth vapor.

According to VG/PG Ratio:

Usually, THC vape pens contain vape oils made with three or more ingredients like Propylene glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavoring agents, and THC extracts. Manufacturers often make THC vape oils for vape pens by using the ingredients in different proportions.

  • PG-based THC Vape Oils:

The PG-based Vape juices have a higher concentration of Propylene glycol (usually 70% PG) and a lesser amount of Vegetable glycerin. These THC vape oils have a lighter density than VG-based vape oils and produce a mellow throat hit.

  • VG-based THC Vape Oils:

VG-based vape oils contain about 60% of Vegetable Glycerin and are higher density than PG-based vape oils. They produce thick clouds with intense throat hits.

  • 50/50 THC Vape Oils:

These THC vape juices are made by mixing equal amounts of Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. They are not too dense or light and deliver a balanced throat hit.

According to Ingredients of the Vape Oil

THC vape oils are often available with other potent cannabinoids and terpenes.

  • THC-CBD Vape Oil: CBD, or cannabidiol, is the second-most common cannabinoid after THC. This cannabinoid combination produces a mild psychoactive effect. It is helpful for uplifting mood, relieving stress and anxiety, and improving sleep quality.
  • THC-CBN Vape Oil: Manufacturers often add cannabinol (CBN) in THC vape oil to make it a more effective pain-relieving substance. This combination of cannabinoids is also an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. If you frequently suffer from migraine pain or sore throats, you might want to buy this vape pens with this oil.
  • THC-CBM Vape Oil: This combination of THC vape oil contains cannabimovone (CBM). This rare cannabinoid is beneficial for treating metabolic disorders. CBM can also help treat patients with Type-2 diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity.
  • THC-CBG Vape Oil: This vape oil is made by blending THC with Cannabigerol (CBG). It is beneficial for people with inflammatory bowel diseases and bladder diseases. You can also use THC-CBG vape oil to boost your appetite.
  • THC-CBC Vape Oil: THC vape oils are infused with Cannabichromene (CBC) to prepare this combination. This cannabinoid helps relieve chronic pain and inflammation. CBC also helps relieve nausea and vomiting.

According to the Form of THC:

THC vape pens also vary depending upon the type of cannabis used.

  • Dry Herbs: If you prefer using THC-infused ground-up flowers, you can buy THC vape pens exclusively designed for dry herbs. These vape pens have a low heating capacity allowing the dry herbs to decarboxylate without burning them.
  • Concentrates: Some THC vape pens are designed to contain and heat liquid vape oils. You are more likely to find these kinds of vape pens at an affordable price than dry herb vape pens.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid vape pens are equipped with interchangeable parts. You can use the same device to vape THC flowers, oils, and waxes.

The Bottom Line:

Vaping THC can help relieve pain and inflammation, reduce stress, improve focus, and promote sleep. It also helps alleviate nausea and boost appetite. Due to its multiple health benefits, THC vape pens have been in demand among cannabis lovers. Vape pens are discreet and convenient to use too. They are also available in reusable and disposable variants. We hope this guide created for you will help you buy the perfect THC vape pen for yourself.