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beats solo pro vs studio 3

Beats Solo Pro Vs Studio 3 Comparison

When it comes to on-ear headphones, Beats Solo Pro is the clear winner. The new headphones are equipped with on-ear noise canceling technology and real-time audio calibration, which automatically adjusts the intensity of noise cancellation. The downside to on-ear headphones is their inability to passively isolate the listener, but they also require a secure fit. While Beats Solo Pro is equipped with a powerful clamp force, this compromises comfort for performance.


When comparing the two headphone models, the Solo Pro is more suitable for casual listening. Its bass-heavy sound is almost twice as loud as the fundamental vocal frequencies, which can cause auditory masking. At the same time, it enables a clearer reproduction of strings, which are often obscured by the bass response. However, these downsides make the Solo Pro better suited for office use.

Despite these differences, the Solo Pro’s bass response and overall balance are strong. For the most part, the Solo Pro has a more accurate and balanced sound. It is ideal for commuters and office users as both headphones offer excellent leakage and noise isolation. The Studio 3 is also compatible with wired and wireless gaming. So, which one is the better headphone? Let’s compare.

The Solo Pro features a large, tactile button on the earpiece that works as a multifunction command. The button is also handy when interacting with your smartphone. On the iPhone, you can say “Hey Siri” to access your virtual assistant. For Alexa and Google Assistant, you simply have to hold the “b” logo down for a couple of seconds. For both headphones, bassheads will be happy with the Solo Pro.

The Studio 3 has a slight edge in soundstage, but the Solo Pro is not the best option for phone calls. The Studio 3 is more comfortable to wear due to its over-ear design, while the Solo Pro is not. The latter also features a longer battery life. However, the Solo Pro is a better option for the studio if you prefer a cradle-style headphone.

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Bass-heavy sound

If you’ve been wondering which Beats headphones are better, we have some good news: both headphones deliver excellent sound quality. While both headphones feature Apple’s W1 chip for faster pairing with Apple devices, the Solo 3 wireless is a little less impressive, lacking subtlety. We’ve outlined the main differences between the two models in this Beats Solo Pro vs Studio 3 comparison.

When it comes to audio quality, the Solo Pro is more receptive to noise cancellation. While the Studio 3’s frequency response is a bit more accurate, it doesn’t have as much bass as the Solo Pro. While the Solo Pro has a more balanced sound, the Studio 3 is easier to wear over the ear and gives a better fit. Both headphones are comfortable to wear, but the Solo Pro is the clear winner for audiophiles.

ANC is the best feature of both models, but the Solo Pro has more bass. It’s not as good at canceling the rumble of an engine. It also lacks situational awareness mode, which lets you be aware of your surroundings. However, the Studio 3 has the same ANC as the Solo Pro, but it struggles in the bass department. The Solo Pro does not offer a situational awareness mode, making it useful for drivers who want to listen to music while driving.


If you’re looking for a great set of headphones for a long trip, you can’t go wrong with the Beats Solo Pro. These closed-back headphones are comfortable and provide reliable structural integrity. The headphones are also made from soft matte plastic, so they won’t collect fingerprints. Regardless of your personal preference, you can be assured that these headphones will provide premium sound and block external noise. Noise-cancelling is an essential feature for an isolated listening experience, and they will give you a distinct stereo image.

Both models offer noise-cancelling technology, but the Solo Pro’s closed design creates a smaller soundstage. The soundstage is smaller, so the Solo Pro feels more like they’re coming from your head. The Studio 3 is also more comfortable to wear with its over-ear design. Both headsets come with an audio cable, which can make the battery life more manageable.

The Solo Pro is the company’s first set of noise-cancelling on-ear headphones. The headphones’ design is sleek, with hidden hinges and a minimalistic look. While the Solo Pro offers excellent noise-cancelling, its bass-heavy sound signature does not overpower vocals. The Solo Pro’s noise-cancelling feature helps prevent ear irritation during long music sessions. The Solo Pro is not comfortable enough for use during gaming, and may not be the best choice for gamers.

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On-ear design

There are several advantages to the Beats Studio 3 over the Solo Pro. The Studio 3 is more expensive and bulkier, but the Solo3 is cheaper and more portable. The Solo3 has less structural reinforcement, but it is a more comfortable choice for long-term listening. You will be able to enjoy your music for longer, and the wireless technology provides better range. Both models offer great sound quality, but the Studio 3 offers a little more in the way of bass.

The Solo Pro features a metal design and comes in six different colors. They fit around the ear, while the Studio 3 wraps around the ear. Since the Solo Pro is an on-ear design, it rubs against the ears. However, the Studio 3 is more comfortable to wear, as the headsets cover the ear entirely. Despite their differences, both headphones are great for most people.

The Studio 3 offers wireless and wired options, but the Solo Pro features a more comfortable and ergonomic design. These headphones are ideal for active people who travel frequently and need to have a comfortable fit. While the Solo Pro does not offer active noise canceling, it has a solid clamping force, and a solid noise isolation system. With these two different models, you can pick the best option for your needs.

Wireless design

The Beats Solo and the Studio are both iconic headphones. These two models have refined audio profiles, bass that goes deep and far, and active noise cancellation. The Solo 3 Wireless on-ear headphones were introduced a while ago but still feature the W1 wireless chip from Apple. This chip promises greater battery life, better Bluetooth range, and improved connectivity options for Apple devices. So, which one is better? Let’s take a closer look at the specs and features of each model.

Both headphones feature a Power button and controls in the ear cups. However, the Solo Pro lacks ANC/Transparency functionality. They share a similar set of controls, located on the left ear cup. Controls are easy to find. You can control the volume and playback by pressing the Beats logo on the left ear cup. The Solo Pro also includes a new button on the left ear cup. Pressing the button toggles between three modes: normal, noise cancelling, and ANC. Double-pressing the button turns the headphones on and off.

Both models are compatible with Siri and have built-in microphones. The Solo Pro uses a microphone that is more sensitive to ambient noise. The Solo Pro’s microphone has a better range than the Studio 3’s, but can’t pick up your voice well outside. If you want to take your music on the go, the Studio 3 comes with in-line microphone support for a better fit.


When comparing the features of both the Beats Solo Pro and the Studio 3, the Solo Pro is the better option because of its superior sound quality and long battery life. The Solo Pro is the best choice for iOS users, while the Studio 3 is best suited for users who prefer the sound of defined music over strong graves. This article will help you determine which model is best for you. The pros and cons of each model are highlighted below.

The battery life of both models is similar, with the Solo Pro being slightly better. If you use the Noise Cancelling (ANC) feature, the Solo Pro should last you 22 hours and the Studio 3 around 40 hours. The Studio 3 has a built-in Fast Fuel recharge mechanism, which allows you to charge the headphones in 10 minutes and enjoy three hours of playback. The Solo Pro is purely wireless, while the Studio 3 is primarily wired.

Despite the low price, the Solo Pro headphones offer excellent sound quality and noise cancellation. They feature a closed-back design and a smaller soundstage. While it is true that the Solo Pro offers better audio isolation, it can also cause ear irritation during long music listening sessions. Although the Solo Pro headphones are more comfortable to use, they’re not ideal for gaming or office work. As a result, it’s important to consider the type of headphones that you’ll need.

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