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a80j vs a90j

A80J Vs A90J – Which is Better?

The A90J will be available in 2021. The XR-65A80J will be available in 2021, while the A80J will be available until then. If you are planning to buy a new speaker for your home, you might be wondering which of the two models is better. Read on to find out which one is better! Also, make sure you read our review of each of the models before making a decision.


The Sony A80J and XR-65A80J are both 65-inch televisions, but the A80J has a slight edge in picture quality. Both TVs also have Bluetooth, three USB ports, and eARC support over HDMI. Both models have Bravia Core technology and are compatible with most games and smart TV apps. However, the difference in price does make the A80J a better option for many consumers.

The A80J is slightly larger and more robust than the A90J, making it a better choice for those with smaller rooms. Although it lacks the master-series design and has a simpler remote control, it achieves many of the same benefits as the top-of-the-line model. Both models have excellent picture quality and a Google interface, but the A80J has more flexible connectivity.

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The A80J has a similar design to the A8H, with an empty back panel and an XR cognitive chip pattern on the rear panel. It also lacks a Filmmaker mode, and has a cyan tint in its whites. Both models have very good color reproduction, but the A80J’s resolution is slightly smaller than the A90J’s.

The A90J is a better-looking and more powerful television, but the A80J is cheaper and is still a great bargain. The A90J has more depth, better bass, and a more solid sound than the A80J. But if you’re looking for a budget option, the A80J is a better bet. And the difference is even more obvious when it comes to picture quality.

Among the many factors deciding which is the better television for you is its picture quality. An OLED TV delivers the best color, contrast, and black values. The two Sony televisions share the same processor and signal processing and support HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision. They both use newer OLED technology. While a 90J is slightly cheaper than an XR-65A80J, it’s not necessarily inferior to an A90J.

Both the XR-65A80J and A90J are decent monitors, but the A90J is better in several ways. Its screen is brighter and has better top brightness, but the A80J uses a less aggressive ABL system. It also has a smaller screen footprint and is more compact. They both can fit in a standard-size TV rack.

When comparing the two models, you will notice that the A80J is slightly larger and stronger than the A90J. In addition, it offers two of its three diagonals instead of three. The Sony A90J is slightly cheaper and offers the same basic features. It is worth considering whether the A80J or A90J is the better choice for you. You may be surprised to discover that you prefer the A90J if you have a slightly larger budget.

Another notable difference between the two is their screen sizes. The A80J has a 65-inch screen, while the A90J is larger than that. It is also a little bit cheaper than the A90J. The OLED panel on the Sony is the better choice if you want an extra-large screen. In addition, the A90J is a lot more flexible when it comes to sizing and connectivity.

In terms of features, the A90J is the winner in this comparison. It has the same super-thin frame around the OLED panel, but the A80J has a thicker design. The A80J’s larger draft also protrudes from the back, making it feel less contemporary. Both TVs are equipped with a 3-way stand, which lets you mount your soundbar underneath.

Both TVs have different remotes. The A80J has a dark color remote while the A90J has a light-colored one. They both have a gaming capability, but there are a few things that differentiate the two. One difference is the color of the backlit keys. The A90J has backlit keys, while the A80J has a lighter-colored remote.

The A80J is a step down from the flagship A90J. It lacks the A90J’s aluminium laminate heatsink, but otherwise maintains the same features. The A80J competes with the Philips OLED806, Panasonic JZ1000, and the LG C1 OLED TV. If you’re looking for a new television, consider buying an A90J or A80J!

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Sony’s 2021 A80J series offers excellent image quality. It packs the same superb image processing as the A90J, but doesn’t get as bright as its rivals. The A80J averages 500 nits for HDR content, while the LG C1 can reach 800 nits. In terms of connectivity, the A80J has two HDMI inputs and does not support 120 Hz. Despite the similarities between the two, the A80J is a better option for HDR and SDR content.

When comparing the A80J and XR-65A80J, consider that the A80J offers a better user interface than the A90J. Google Assistant has been integrated into the television’s interface, and it supports many smart home devices. You can control the A80J’s volume from the Google Home app on your mobile device. The A90J also supports Google Play Music.

The A90J has a hidden cable while the 80J does not. However, the A90J is available in two sizes: 55 inches and 65 inches, while the A80J is only available in 77 and 83 inches. Both TVs feature clear designs, and their stand positions are adjustable. In addition, both models feature soundbars. So which one should you buy?

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