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8 Reasons an Eyelift Surgery Is the Easy Way for You to Look Stunning

Genetics and the passage of time can cause your eyelids to droop. Not only is this a cosmetic issue, but it can detract from your vision. For this reason, a fox eye treatment (eyelid lift) or blepharoplasty is a helpful procedure that can help take years off your appearance and make you look more alert. This procedure removes excess fat, muscle, and skin that may be swollen and weighs down your upper eyelids. It also reduces the puffiness and wrinkling around your lower lids that project a tired look. Moreover, it uplifts your appearance by softening the fine wrinkles and lines in the eye area.

  1. Improve Your Vision

Some patients may have extreme upper lid drooping or puffiness. In this case, improving one’s vision is their primary motivation for seeking blepharoplasty. But in minor cases of droopy lids, the main drive of patients is cosmetic enhancement rather than improving their vision. In any case, even a moderate procedure helps patients to have an expanded field of vision.

  1. Smoother Forehead

If your heavy and puffy upper eyelids impede your ability to see, you may have developed the habit of raising your eyebrows to improve your view. This repetitive action can cause deep furrows on your forehead. But when you remove the extra weight on your eyelids via blepharoplasty, you could also eliminate this habit as well as the wrinkles that go with it.

  1. Clearer Communications

The eyes are the windows of the soul that help people read and engage with each other. Your eyes express your emotions. But there may be cases where your eyes look angry, sad, or tired even when you’re not. Because of this, you might give off the wrong impression, and people might form false assumptions about you. But an upper and lower eyelid lift can help your facial expressions align with your inner state, thus helping you represent yourself to others more clearly.

  1. Brighter Eyes

Puffy skins around your eyes can impede light from reaching your irises. Meanwhile, the light gives colour to your eyes. As such, in the absence of light, your eyes look dull. But by clearing out the excess skin, the drapes of your eyes are opened, allowing in more light to suffuse your eyes, making them sparkle and look their brightest.

  1. More Youthful Eye Shape

With time, the shape of your eyes becomes rounder and horizontally narrow, which is caused by changes to the eyes’ lower lids. As such, the skin becomes weighed down by fat deposits. In this case, the fox eye treatment can help eliminate the extra weight, thus resulting in a younger look.

  1. Beautiful Almond-Shaped Eyes

Some Asian women may be reluctant to give up their natural skin folds. But a skilled cosmetic surgeon will know how to mitigate puffiness and sagging while maintaining the epicanthic folds. Meanwhile, the surgery will not cause dramatic changes to your appearance, and you will still look yourself.

  1. Prevent Migraines

Besides improving your appearance, an upper eyelid lift may relieve individuals who suffer from migraines. A recent study discovered that blepharoplasty targeted specific nerves that helped 90% of patients with their migraines. After a year, 51% of the participants reported their migraines completely disappeared. Headache relief could prove to be a peripheral benefit for migraine sufferers who are also considering an eye lift.

  1. Minimal Scarring

Blepharoplasty is one of the least invasive surgical procedures, as it only involves making tiny incisions on the eyelids. These incisions are typically concealed behind the eyelid’s natural folds. And after the recovery period, the incisions become almost invisible. Besides, modern techniques such as laser blepharoplasty make it easy to eliminate drooping eyelids with minimal to zero scarring.

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