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himalayan treks

15 best budget friendly himalayan treks

In parts of India and in the neighboring countries there is a group of mountains. The Himalayas are popular for hiking, mountain escalation, paragliding, rafting waterfall, and captivating waterfalls on top of the mountains. Start such a trekking journey to learn about the vast diversity of fauna and flora. These budget-friendly Himalayan Treks are a good opportunity to plan a journey for all.

1) Nag Tibba Trek

In order to achieve this peace, Nag Tibba proves to be an attractive and the best way to go on a weekend. The first name of the trek was Nagg, which means “snake,” and the second was “Tibba,” which means “hill or peak” in the Garhwali dialect. In general, there are the villagers who come to pray for the cattle. The walk is one of Dehradun’s most popular hikes as the Nag Tibba trek is about 9.915ft high. The walk is also referred to as the Serpent Trek and is unique because it can be done in winter, whereas most of the other treks are often closed because of their harsh conditions.

2) Kedarkantha Trek

One of Himalayan’s most budget-friendly treks has untouched beauty and beautiful camping. In winter in India, the trek Kedarkantha can be your best bet for hiking. On your walking tour, walk on the mound of brown leaves and melt in the exuberant pine forests. This peak is covered by landscapes and natural shades which wait to unfold. Take a look at the snow peaks as soon as you go along the trek and take a 360-degree view of the pristine peaks. You can see the mighty Himalayas from the peaks as an exciting part of the trek.

3) Sandakphu Trek

Heaven of nature! Indeed. Imagine getting drunk in the extravagance of a few friendly Budget Himalayan treks. One of those lovely destinations is Sandakphu, which is a pleasure to walk on. The fourth and fifth highest peaks of the world can be found here. On the summit of Sandakphu stands the powerful masses of Everest (8,848 m), Kanchenjunga (8,586 m), Lhotse (8,516 m) and Makalu (8463 m).

4) Valley of Flowers Trek


This destination is popularly known for the riots and the blossoming flowers, particularly the blue Primula. Watched on one side by mountains covered with snow, the valley of the flower spreads on the other side and lures you to plan your walk to this valley. This is a picturesque destination.

5) Kuari Pass Trek

The Trek from Kuari Pass is recognized as one of Himalayan’s magnificent short treks. It’s the perfect place if you plan your first walking tour for a beginner. The Kuari Pass is widely used in the pasture by local shepherds. In terms of experience, you will see majestic views of the mountains, a wide range of greenery, wilderness tracks, and wonderful campgrounds.

6) Har ki Dun Trek

Har ki Dun Trek is a reward for India’s famous and best budget Himalayan treks. For you to see the beauty of the mountains, it is the most visited walking path. It is one of the popular old hikes in the Great Himalayan region, a cage-shaped destination with stunning and hypocritical vistas. The snow-capped mountains will enchant you with their picturesque locations and phases.

7) Hampta Pass & Chandratal

Chandratal Lake Trek is a popular trekking destination known as the Moon Lake, with Hampta Pass. It’s all exciting and close to the Kunzum Pass and the area of Lahaul. This is a magnificent tourist spot, well situated because of its wild and circular shape. In winter, when the entire lake trek is covered by snow making it a perfect wonderland, this trek gets even more exciting.

8) Roopkund Trek

Known as a ‘mystery lake’ on the lap of Trishul’s massif, one of the budget-friendly Himalayan treks. The trekkers are known for the remains of dead people, known as Skeleton Lake Trek, who will meet lying skeletons on the seabed or lake edge. Roopkund Trek is an ice ride that offers wonderful sites and beautiful meadows. The mountains’ brown and white layer gives the eyes of the climber great pleasure.

9) Pangarchulla Trek

One of the least known Himalayan peaks is the Pangarchulla Peak trek. Taking on the Pangarchulla Peak, the only way to witness meadows and grasslands on top of the hills is not enough. It’s a walk near Kuari Pass, which is another important walking place. Take a look at the most beautiful views of the Himalayan Treks of Nanda Devi. On your way up the hills, you will see a lot of oak, silver birch, blue pine, and bhojpatra through the blood-red rhododendrons and untouched green and snow-with-white valleys. Climb to Passo Kuari or other nearby peaks. Get drunk by the rich selection of plants and get a rare opportunity to see leopards and

10) Bhrigu Lake Trek

From the famous Vashishth Temple, Maharishi Bhrigu can be reached. The Bhrigu walking trail has steep narrow roads and large snow rocks, making it sometimes difficult. Go through virgin forests and display natural extravagance without condition. Capture and walk into Roli Kohli’s environment, the beauty of Kulli and Solang Valley.

11) Kashmir Great Lakes

The Kashmir ‘great lakes, near Kashmir Valley, is one of the most beautiful Himalayan tourism destinations. Rejoice in the high-altitude trek of the alpine lake. The 5 lovely lakes that come one after the other on this trek make it a bit more exciting. This trek will fill you with sweet and uncontaminated experiences.

12) Indrahar Pass Trek

Indrahar pass is full of deodar plantations, moist bodies of water, green pastures, and forests of rhododendrons. This is one of the less known Himalayan Treks which is always fascinating. On this amazing tour, you will encounter the panoramic and opulent beauty of the Himalayas on a journey through your life.

13) Dayara Bugyal Trek

The Dayara Bugyal is a famous meadow of high altitude and it is certainly an inviting Himalayan high altitude grassland. Get a scenic look at this bouldered trekking pass and the large summits of the Himalayas. It is the second most beautiful wilderness in India after Bedni Bugyal. One of the budget Himalayan treks is Dayara Bugyal Trek.

14) Deo Tibba Trek

Marvel at the panoramic view of the Hampta Pass and Deo Tibba Base, one of the most absolutely gorgeous Himalayan treks on budget. The Hampta Pass with a view of Deo Tibba makes it the most fascinating trek in this area. You will be thrilled by the lovely lush green Meadows of Deodar and Oak.

15) Chandrakhani Trek

Chandrakhani Pass is a low altitude, low-budget Himalayan walk that overlooks the village of Malana and offers panoramic views of the mountains of its peers. The walkway crosses little river streams and narrow ridges, which makes it a walk even harder. This pass has religious value since it was Saptrishi Jamadagni’s holy place, who spent years meditating on this high point.

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